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Paradym is the world’s first emotional identity app. We are on a mission to lead people to more meaningful relationships with ourselves and others through a guided personal practice in emotional identity. We’re asking you to get curious and explore your world from an emotional identity point of view.

Our app-based coach delivers consumable content and actionable tools, all on your terms.

We break patterns. We change minds.

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Setting boundaries = feeling balanced 

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Boundaries, urgh. Just the thought of setting a boundary can make us feel a bit 🥴

Are you remembering to take time out for yourself at the moment?

Whatever your self-care - remember to take it! 

If you want to take some time out next Tuesday 23rd Nov, join us for our first FREE IRL event. Link in bio 

📷 @viralata________

Are you meeting your body’s emotional needs?


We’re sooo excited to be hosting our FIRST IRL event since 2019!

Join us for an intimate evening exploring all things success!

7:30pm, 23rd Nov, Bermondsey 

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They say it's the only constant. 

But why. Is. it. So. Damn. Hard?

If you’ve going through a period of change, know it’s not linear (as the cliques say!). 

But if you persevere with the challenging stages, you can push through to success 🖤

#change #wellbeing

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Where is Paradym headquarters?

Paradym headquarters is located at London, UK.

When was Paradym founded?

Paradym was founded in 2018.

How many employees does Paradym have?

Paradym has 1-19 employees.

What is Paradym's core business?

Paradym is Health, Wellness & Fitness company.

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