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We commercialize data anonymization solutions, enabling companies to derive value from sensitive data while minimizing privacy risks. With Statice, companies remove existing barriers to data usage and safeguard their customer privacy by generating privacy-preserving synthetic data, which is compliant for sharing and processing.

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All data privacy professionals, take note! #Syntheticdata is on the rise and expected to replace real data in #AI models by 2030. How does this affect #dataprivacy and #compliance? Our latest article explains: https://www.statice.ai/post/how-to-evaluate-synthetic-data-compliance

Can marketers benefit from synthetic data? Absolutely! @Elise_Deux explains how #syntheticdata offers CMOs a unique opportunity to rethink the way they leverage data. Read more via @cmswire: https://www.cmswire.com/digital-marketing/why-cmos-should-care-about-synthetic-data/

Innovation requires data, but leveraging it compliantly is becoming increasingly challenging. @o_alifdal discusses how #syntheticdata can help organizations elevate their #datastrategy and achieve #compliance. Read more in @t3n: https://t3n.de/news/was-sind-eigentlich-synthetische-daten-und-welchen-nutzen-haben-sie-1523388/

Statice is mentioned in 2022 Gartner® “Emerging Tech: Top Use Cases for Tabular Synthetic Data” research. Take a look at their most recent analysis of #syntheticdata: https://www.gartner.com/reprints/?id=1-2BKTV175&ct=221102&st=sb

“Above the Trend Line” – Your Industry Rumor Central for 11/16/2022 https://insidebigdata.com/2022/11/16/above-the-trend-line-your-industry-rumor-central-for-11-16-2022/


Thank you, @PrivacyPros and the esteemed jury for recognizing Statice's #syntheticdata privacy evaluators in this year's IAPP Innovation Awards: https://www.statice.ai/privacy-evaluators.

👏Congratulations to the winner, @King_Games!

It is only through massive amounts of data that #AI or applications become possible. How can German companies leverage #data and protect #privacy at the same time? Here's @o_alifdal's take on enabling innovation with #syntheticdata ( for @secinsiderde): https://www.security-insider.de/mit-synthetischen-daten-zu-sicheren-ki-anwendungen-a-5c153b340da4bbe7bd308546c72bce4d/

We've been selected as a finalist for the IAPP Innovation Awards 2022! @PrivacyPros annually recognizes organizations that enhance #privacy as a competitive differentiator and a focal point of customer and civic trust. It's an honor to be listed among finalists!

Statice celebrates a major milestone today! We are now a part of @Anonos, and together we will help organizations across industries be more confident in #dataprivacy and security: https://www.statice.ai/news/anonos-acquires-award-winning-synthetic-data-company-statice

Commercial #syntheticdata vendors and #opensource tools both have amazing features. The goals of your #dataproject will determine which category suits you best. To help you decide which is right for you, here is a summary comparing open-source and commercial tools 👇

Our 6th Privacy & Data Protection Hybrid Summit Sponsor, @o_alifdal (@StaticePrivacy) presented their case study on integrating synthetic data in your organization’s data stack. Great insights! #PrivacyDataProtection2022 #PrivacySummit #DataProtection #SyntheticData #DataPrivacy

Recently, @DigitalDubai & the City’s Data and AI Committee released an implementation framework for #syntheticdata. Their goal is to increase #security & access to high-quality data to generate fresh perspectives on #publicpolicy: https://www.digitaldubai.ae/knowledge-hub/blogs/opening-a-new-chapter-in-dubai-s-data-sharing-story-synthetic-data-for-utility-quality-and-privacy

[email protected] published its 2022 Consumer Privacy Survey, a global review of consumers’ perceptions and behaviors on #dataprivacy. Key takeaways ⬇️

The IBM Data Breach Report 2022 is out, and here are some key figures ⬇️

If you are planning a synthetic data project, deciding whether to build or buy #syntheticdata tools is a big question. Here are some tips to get you started ⬇️

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Where is Statice headquarters?

Statice headquarters is located at Berlin.

When was Statice founded?

Statice was founded in 2018.

How many employees does Statice have?

Statice has 50+ employees.

What is Statice's core business?

Statice is Information Technology & Services company.

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