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The Ninehertz is a decade old custom software development company on a mission to empower businesses with cutting edge technology to thrive in the digital age and to create lasting value by solving the problems digitally. With our priority to innovation, we are adept at developing high-quality, AI-enabled, smart, and robust software solutions for rapid business transformation. Start your journey with us to digitize your organization using state-of-art technology to build a better, bold, and futuristic business empire.

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Having 14+ yrs of experience, #TheNineHertz is recognized as a top #softwarecompany in #Singapore that helps businesses to improve their productivity & efficiency effortlessly.
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Top 30 Mobile Game Publishers in 2022

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ML is a branch of AI and computer science that helps build applications, such as email filtering and computer vision. Want to build an ML solution? Look no further than The NineHertz.
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Where is The NineHertz headquarters?

The NineHertz headquarters is located at Atlanta.

When was The NineHertz founded?

The NineHertz was founded in 2000.

How many employees does The NineHertz have?

The NineHertz has 50+ employees.

What is The NineHertz's core business?

The NineHertz is Information Technology & Services company.

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