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Currently, I reside with my family in Tokushima, Japan where I have lived for the past 13+ years since leaving my home in Seattle, Washington in the United States. Between my business dealings managing a small English school, I am also a Student Success Coach for a remote software development learning program called “Software Development Mastermind” founded and led by Mr. Andy Sterkowitz.

My responsibilities there involve meeting with students via video chat and serving as guide, sympathetic ear and “code buddy” of sorts as they make their way through the trials and tribulations of learning to code. It is also my duty to relay any feedback and to offer any suggestions toward improving the course curriculum to Mr. Sterkowitz. I am heavily involved both with working with students’ code as well as helping to improve the program while offering social and emotional support as well.

It is a unique position and I enjoy it very much because it gives me the opportunity to help students feel motivated and empowered to continue moving forward despite the challenge of the commitment they have made. Coding, after all, is not an easy skill to simply just pick up. It is important to have a sense of community and support along the way.

I believe I would make an effective and helpful member of the team because I have a deep passion for the technology of the web as well as a natural inclination to help people solve problems. I love learning and solving problems and, above all, I love people. My own experience moving abroad and learning a second language and, now, learning to be a software developer has taught me a lot about facing challenges and the reward that comes from finding a solution: personal growth and appreciation for the help and kindness of others.

I would be very happy to continue the conversation if the feeling is, indeed, mutual. It would be great to get to meet each other. Thank you for your time.

Very Best Regards,
Trevor Mearns

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Started November 2009, graduated October 2012 B.S. Science @ Walden University


Started October 2019, still employed Support Coach (full stack instructor) @ Software Development Mastery Inc.

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