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About me

As a child, I was always curious about how things work. I wanted to understand the processes that led to creating the product and I still remember tearing apart gadgets just to see how they work. This curiosity led to my love for software and my yearning to acquire a formal education in that field. Although, I never got a bachelors degree from a Nigerian University and even after several failed attempts at gaining admission into the university I didn’t deter. I still kept on going. Yes! I am that person.

This passion coupled with my discipline, a never ending thirst for knowledge and my interests has set me on my current path and still remains with me. Currently, I work as a Graphic and Web Design Specialist with over 4 years experience in the management of the complete design process; from research, conceptualisation, sketch, design, user testing to delivery.

I am well versed in interdepartmental coordination and communication and my “can do” attitude helps me stretch the boundaries of web design to produce desired output.

Areas of expertise include:
▪Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, Experience Design and InDesign)
▪Web Design (HTML5, CSS3, Wordpress )
▪Figma (UI Design)

I enjoy learning and hearing new insights. If you have a project, I can help with or if you would love to network, please get in touch.

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