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New Zealand
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About me

I am a dedicated professional with proven performance in management, leadership and communication, detail-oriented in problem-solving and planning, and ready to make an immediate contribution to your organization.

On a personal level, I am a writer with a passion for travel, food, and fitness, along with being an avid outdoor enthusiast. We travel extensively and I look for new opportunities around every corner to explore and enjoy life!


2020-2022 Certified Ophthalmic Technician (COT) & Assistant (COA) @ American Association of Ophthalmology (AAO) & International Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology (IJCAHPO)

Anatomy of the eye, corneal diseases, visual assessment, ocular measurement, customer relations and practice management.

2014-2016 Nutrition, Communications and Medical Terminology @ Community College of Vermont, US
20013-2014 Nutrition and Food Science @ Garden City Community College, Kansas US

I moved to Vermont and resumed my scholastic endeavors.

2005-2006 Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Business Management @ Touchstone Healing Arts, Vermont US

Holistic medicine and therapy certification, national certification held since 2007.


2020-2022 Certified Ophthalmic Assistant & Medical Transciptionist @ Florida Eye Institute

Medical transcriptionist during patient exams, medical charting, and correspondence.
Surgical and instrument technician in the surgery center.
Clinical technician, performing triage and patient exam assessments.
Imaging technician, utilizing ophthalmic technology to scan and measure the eyes.
Team Lead for two ophthalmologists, overseeing staff and schedule needs.

2016-2019 Ophthalmic Assistant & LASIK Team Coordinator @ New England Vision

Refractive Coordinator for laser corrective surgery (LASIK).
Clinical technician, performing triage and patient exam assessments.
Imaging technician, utilizing ophthalmic technology to scan and measure the eyes.
Medical transcriptionist for charting and correspondence.
OSHA & HIPPA representative, maintaining certifications and training within the office.
Marketing and event representative, including conference preparation and travel arrangements.

1994-2016 Part Owner and Developer, Administrative Assistant & Leasing Agent @ Property Development & Management Company and Municipalities

Owner, project manager, and creative designer for a property development business.
Leasing agent working in property management.
Administrative assistant for town municipalities within the Town Clerk office, Building Department, Planning & Zoning office, and Property Tax Assessor office.

Compilation of project proposals and bids, and creation of legal documentation & professional correspondence.
Research within the community and the town wide demographics; population, their economy, and industries, to better our approach as a company.
Working with executives and as a team lead with responsibility to design and oversea event and conference planning, to include travel organization, requiring professional
and international documentation of a detailed level in consistency and accuracy.
Customer assistance and legal functions in marriage and birth licensure, and passport processing.
Building and land use permit applications and site review.
Site assistant for development projects and tax assessment.
Transcription of executive meetings in land development and tax assessment.

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