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About me

My career began in mainframe job control; I helped people with no technical knowledge effectively communicate their needs.

It continued by aiding the first online public records outlet in the United States.

It branched into #consulting thereafter and I operated my own C2C services/solutions company for nine years.

Then, the dot com bust came along and basically ate my life. I consulted on the road to keep the lights on and eventually landed in Seattle, circa 2008.

I spent two years in #gaming followed by two unsuccessful attempts to find my “forever company”, then COVID came along, I got sick, and before I knew it, we were starting all over again.

Today I’m home-bound, but no less capable, and finally able to redirect my focus to work and my career passion – helping teams bring ideas to market via agile, iterative development of properly funded, self-managing teams.

Strongly prefer #fulltime but willing to consider #contracts.

Remote ONLY (no travel).

Willing to relocate for the right combination of collaboration, culture, and compensation to:

Michigan, USA
British Columbia, Canada

My hashtags:

#ActuallyAustic, #TypeBAutistic (I am that unicorn), #DisabledNotDestroyed.



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