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This is Vishal, a Product Management professional. I have around 4.5 years of product management.

I have been working with a B2B Company from the last 6 months, working on a SaaS based Lending platform (or we can say BaaS – Banking as a Service). I have been closely working with stakeholders in strategising, and road mapping of products since it requires their imperative inputs too.
Recently, I created the entire roadmap for the next 6 months for one of the products I’m handing, bringing in all the relevant requirement in a form document, and aligning it to company’s vision. Such requirement document helps in charting out BRD, which further helps in writing user stories in PRD along with edge cases (if required).

I have been working with start ups only since I started my profession journey, and thoroughly understand and accepts the challenges that come. I have been a part of the core team in all the start ups, privy to the discussions these (Founders) amazing people had which shaped my thought process around problems, and solutioning.

I have worked on developing products from 0 to 1 (from Founder’s idea to Value creation for the end user), created financial model/pitch decks as well to raise fund, head a team of designers and engineers to deliver credit health report, worked on p2p lending, and have integrated several banking products with our system eg. Loans/Accounts/Payouts/Collections (Payment Gateways)/MF/Insurance/LMS/CRM

One of the challenges we face in early age start-up like ours is the absence of processes, and the importance of documentation especially product notes. I also faced similar challenge in this role. To sort this matter out, in the 2nd week of my joining, I held an hour call on alternate days for 2 weeks with our founding team, got them aligned for the vision, and put all this in a form of document. This was necessary since this will be the bible for the company, and has everyone consensus, on what we are trying to achieve.

I am only looking for opportunities which can provide me with such international exposure, collaborating with great people working across the nation will provide me both the enriched learning as well as the domain knowledge along with the exposure of product management best practices.


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