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Systems engineer with comprehensive training based on the development of skills to act taking into account the principles of management, planning, design, creation and operation of content and software applications, reliable and useful, understanding the fundamental concepts of the administration of projects, using the basic sciences for process optimization.


2009/2013 Systems engineer @ International University of the American Tropics - UniTrรณpico
August 2022 Ecmascript 6+ @ Platzi
August 2022 Closures and Scopes in JavaScript @ Platzi
August 2022 Professional python course @ Platzi
July 2022 Linear data structure with python @ Platzi
July 2022 JavaScript practical course @ Platzi
June 2022 Basic JavaScript course @ Platzi
June 2022 Frontend developer hands-on course @ Platzi
May 2022 Frontend developer course @ Platzi
May 2022 Introductory course to selenium with python @ Platzi
April 2022 Database fundamentals @ Platzi
March 2022 Linux server administration @ Platzi
March 2022 POO and algorithms in python @ Platzi
January 2022 Software engineering fundamentals @ Platzi
January 2022 Computational thinking with python @ Platzi
January 2022 Comprehension, lambdas and error handling @ Platzi
January 2022 Introduction to backend development @ Platzi
January 2022 Basic python @ Platzi
December 2021 Git and GitHub professional course @ Platzi
December 2021 Introduction to terminal and command line @ Platzi


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