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I am a self-motivated, hard-working, multi-tasking and skilled accountant known for accuracy, attention to detail and timeliness in managing tasks to meet deadlines. I have seven years of experience in the accounting department, ten months as a temporary accountant/receptionist for a large charity and six years of experience doing accounting, payroll, and reception duties for a childcare business. My knowledge and skills extend to all aspects of office procedures and a strong understanding of Excel, Microsoft Word, Quicken, QuickBooks pro, FANDS, Outlook Express and I am proficient with adding machines. I am ethical, an excellent team player, punctual, I have an impeccable attendance record, and I am responsible.

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10-14-2011/01-18-2019 Accounting department @ Allied Trustee Services

My responsibilities were to log in all incoming payments into the FANDS system, schedule production events, review scheduled accounting work lists, copy checks, envelopes and their accompanying paperwork, record all deposits and payments in QuickBooks, and deposit incoming checks using a digital check scanner. I scanned all copies of payments received and their accompanying accounting report into Docuware and sorted them into their specific files. I set up automatic payment batches on five dates per month to withdraw via ACH and credit card. In addition to scheduled payments, I also processed one time ACH and credit card payments daily. I adjusted the ledgers in the FANDS system to reflect all incoming payments in compliance with company policy, the client’s contract with the company and the legal stage of the file. Upon completing the monetary breakdown, I used Quickbooks Pro to process checks for the clients and the company operating account with the appropriate coding. In addition, I printed
individual account status reports and client reports to accompany the checks. I reviewed files daily to determine if the collections process could proceed or if the file should be closed based
on the association CC&Rs, state law, and company policy. I generated invoices for our clients
according to the before mentioned review and noted my determinations in the FANDS system,
changed the file status, and scheduled the next course of action accordingly. Upon receipt of any
payment in full that cleared, I closed out the file in FANDS and sent notification to administration requesting they process a release of lien when necessary. I contacted clients in
regards to outstanding invoices to determine why payment was not received. I noted all
conversations with the client in FANDS. As demand requests came in from title companies, I
logged them into the FANDS system, obtained a current ledger from the client, reconciled their ledger with the company’s ongoing ledger, added or subtracted the appropriate fees in the demand and faxed or emailed the demand to escrow in accordance with their preferred method. Once I received confirmation of receipt, I scanned the reconciliation and demand into the
Docuware system under the corresponding file. I processed checks for the small claims, superior court, and judgment recovery department, to pay court and garnishment fees to the court or
sheriff of the specific county requested and set up new names and addresses for county courts and sheriff departments not already in Quickbooks Pro. I executed agreements between
homeowners and the company, mailed one copy to the owner, one copy to the client, and
scanned the original into Docuware in the corresponding file. When requested, I processed
employee reimbursement checks for expenses such as gas, travel time and lodging. Once a year,
I contacted recipients holding uncashed checks, cancelled any that were lost or outdated and
issued a replacement check. I pulled files when needed, filed documents, cleaned files and
scanned them into Docuware, prepared the outgoing mail, sorted incoming mail, greeted
homeowners, and clients arriving to the office and signed for fed ex and UPS packages.

09-10/06-11 Accountant/Receptionist @ United Cerebral Palsy

I matched AP checks to the corresponding invoices and prepared and processed all outgoing/incoming invoices, checks and payments. Additionally, I completed AR data entry including generating attendance reports and allocating an annual budget for 22 programs. I pulled and scanned all necessary files for tax audit, built new hire folders and filed for multiple companies. I was responsible for preparing all outgoing and incoming mail, (including using a postage machine,) to the appropriate destination. I routed calls through a multi-line phone system, printed labels and business cards and I updated staff and client files for licensing audits. I ordered office supplies and medical supplies for the main office and day programs. In addition, I was responsible for placing service calls when needed.

04-04/08-10 Accountant/Receptionist @ Where To Grow

I recorded all customer payments, printed client receipts and end of year tax receipts with QuickBooks Pro. I used Quicken to record all business expense receipts and allocate them to their proper category, record incoming payments and schedule automatic bill payments and used that information to prepare the taxes for submission. In addition, I assembled employee and client files, prepared and printed payroll checks, made end of the week deposits, answered the phone, kept a referral list and generated a weekly attendance report.

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