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I see you need a new UI/UX Design and Graphic Design for your project, I can design it for you. The process is simple: first, we’ll go over your needs and wants for the website. From there, I’ll start sketching some potential designs.

Once we have a design you like, I’ll start implementing it and turning it into a reality.

The whole process usually takes some time depending on the complexity of the project. As an industry professional, I have years of experience designing effective and visually appealing user interfaces.

I believe that good design is essential to the success of any project. With my help, you can create an amazing UI/UX Design and Graphic Design for your website or social media that will keep users coming back for more.

Let’s connect via chat and design something magical!

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– Gilang Firmansyah

Professional area


2019 - 2023 S.Kom @ Universitas Nasional Pasim Bandung


2019 - 2021 Art Director @ TimeWellSpent

Work on and develop marketing and design branding strategies as well as develop product planning programs.

2020 Graphic Designer @ Sundun Comapny

work on content and create poster design every promo or the beginning of the month and make collaborations with other brands.

2020 - Creative Director @ XCreateup Studio

Designing and analyzing the product to be made as well as compiling a UIkit to user testing as an initial overview of the product

2020 Creative Marketing @ CreateIt

work on design content every day and create webinar posters as well, evaluate content every week.

2021 Graphic Designer @ Gracias Label

Work on design feed, story and video, content. and evaluate each content from week to week to increase content insight again

2020 -2022 Creative Marketing & UI/UX Designer @ Digital Marketing School

work on design content every day and create webinar posters as well, evaluate content every week. And work on design content every day and create stories and evaluate content every week

2022 Graphic Designer @ Sahabat Guru

Working on organic content, friends of teachers, starting from feeds and stories, as well as re researching the design to keep it fresh

2022 - Creative Director @ & Upscale.ig

Doing design ads and video ads for free and paid classes, and checking every design that has been designed by graphic designer interns and UI/UX designers. Designing new programs through new media that have not been used and directing each intern to create content and edit videos for YouTube and podcasts.

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