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Dear Revolut team,

My name is Hanna Wennersten and I have a degree in 3D Visualisation in Interior Design and Products.
I have 5 years experience from working in 3D Design. My expertise is modeling complex enviroments and communicate different projects to stakeholders or clients.

I would really like to work at your company. Revolut seems to be a very interesting work place where I can both learn more and contribute to your company from my work experience. I would like to develop my knowledge in Motion Design there fore I have signed up for a course to learn more about it.

I am open to many options if there wouldn’t be a work opportunity I would be interested in an internship.

Best regards

Hanna Wennersten

Professional area


2017/2019 3D Visualisation @ Jönköping University

2 years University with two periods of Internship one in Stockholm and one in Berlin at a big Visualisation firm.

2010/2013 Design @ High School of Design

Swedish Gymnasium Diploma, Industrial Interior Design program.


2020/2022 3D Artist @ BSK Arkitekter

I worked with the whole Visualization process to communicate the projects of architecture and interior with different clients like stakeholders and clients. I was doing complex modeling, creating different moods and lighting in the scene. I was working with both still images and animation.

2020/2021 3D Visualizer @ 3D VISUALIZER, OE VISUALISERING AB

I was making renders of complex exterior and interior environments. I was also designing the concepts for the interior.

2019/2020 3D Illustator @ Tyréns AB

Work in projects for construction with architects and engineers. Study how the building would affect
the environment. Make illustrations and sell environments or houses that were not built.

2019 3D Artist, Internship @ Eve Images Berlin

Work in projects that were delivered to clients, and I got a chance to see how Eve Images workflow works. Practice both very technical aspects, like the creation of complex shaders and modeling techniques, and artistic ones, like the arrangement of furniture sets together with the art directors.


Making bundles and helping with modeling products that they needed for clients.

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