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Growing up, I always was thinking about why people do what they do, always observing their behaviors and thinking about how an action was formed based on the effects of multiple small factors, directly or indirectly; and then reading about UX for the first time, as we the saying goes here, was like a deep dive into honey for me and I saw the need to combine my knowledge of people and systems with my desire for problem-solving and behavioral design. I knew instantly this was the right path for me and now I’m a user experience designer with a graphic design, marketing, and programming background.

I love taking apart big problems and work on organizing cluttered and complex problems and also love creating products and I’m passionate about designing user experience.

I’ve been honored to work with more than 70 companies/clients to help them reach their goals, from branding to designing/developing services/products for them. With my background experience, I can help businesses to hit their target and connect to their audiences. I like to mentor as much as I like to learn.

Reach out if you want to talk about emerging tech, creating software products, research or some indie games πŸ˜‰


2014 - 2017 Associate degree - Chemical Engineering @ Azad University Of Tabriz
2017 - 2021 Bachelor of Arts - Design and Visual Communications @ Tabriz Art University


Sep 2021 - Sep 2022 Product Designer @ Dena System Arya Mobin

– Defined problems, collected data, established facts and validated conclusions.
– Assisted with new hire orientation and employee training.
– Rendered design ideas in form of paste-ups or drawings.
– Participated in new product planning and market research, including studying potential need for new products.
– Modified and refined designs using working models to conform with customer specifications, production limitations, and changes in design trends.
– Directed and coordinated fabrication of models or samples and drafting of working drawings and specification sheets from sketches.
– Presented designs and reports to customers or design committees for approval and discussed need for modification.
– Suggested enhancements to product design that would improve user experience.

Nov 2017 - Sept 2021 Senior User Experience Designer @ Dena System Arya Mobin

– Raised active users by 60% and overall Monthly Usage by 85% for one of the services.
– Mentoring 5 students in different fields (animation, frontend development, UI design and UX).
– Defining design system for the brand.
– Conducting UX research and analyzing data.
– Facilitated rich web user interfaces using HTML elements.
– Directed and executed pre-production activities, such as creating mood boards or storyboards and establishing project timelines.
– Leveraged design tools to deliver wireframes, user flows and other basic UX artifacts.
– Ideated and iterated UI solutions with UX designers and stakeholders.
– Incorporated technical considerations into design plans, such as budgets, equipment, performance requirements and legal issues.
– Applied innovative solutions for product design, visuals and user experience to meet needs of individual web development projects.
– Maintaining a balanced fast-paced agile environment for products while going with waterfall system to manage and balance the development of the services.

July 2019 - July 2022 Product Designer @ Sadr Electronic Tavrizh

(Part-time on contract)
– 45% increase in online sales.
– Conducted market research to identify new trends, fabrics and techniques.
– Researched production specifications, costs, production materials and manufacturing methods and provided cost estimates and itemized production requirements.
– Evaluated feasibility of design ideas, based on appearance, safety, function, serviceability, budget, production costs and methods and market characteristics.
– Participated in new product planning and market research, including studying potential need for new products.
– Designed and fabricated models and samples (pilot versions) 3d printing.
– Utilized computer-aided drafting (CAD) and related software to produce design documents.
– UI design and frontend development

July 2018 - July 2019 Software Consultant @ Sadr Electronic Tavrizh

(Part-time on contract)
– Designing and managing network for the products.
– Making decisions on programming languages and operating systems for smart devices based technical research
– Wrote style guidelines for client-facing applications developed by cross-functional teams.
– Analyzed user needs to determine technical requirements.
– Recommended and implemented performance improvements.

Aug 2016 - Sep 2017 User Experience Engineer @ Sana System Sahand

– 74% Decreased support calls, increased signups from5 specialists signing to 82 in a week after redesign.
– Raised sign ups from 5 specialists signing to 82 in a week after redesign.
– Defining design system for products suitable for brand’s identity
– Designing language for 5 products
– Applying design system across the products (web)
– Creating animations for promoting one of the products
– UX research (qualitative and quantitative)
– UI design for 3 new products
– Frontend developer
– React native development (1 product)
– Structured new visual design concepts and modified concepts based on stakeholder feedback.
– Bringing consistency to the brand with defining design language for products to make them faster to develop and scale easier.
– Conducting product discovery sessions for 5 products/services.

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