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I am excited whenever I can push myself out of my comfort zone, create strategic plans, and upscale products or teams. It is delightful to experiment, find what’s best for the product or teams, and execute the best ideas.

Already at the age of 13 to 16, I tried to accomplish something that would hit all of those previously mentioned values. I created an online community around video games and mental health, which grew to over 50 thousand active users. We actively made online events, tournaments, and lotteries; in other words, we found incredible amounts of ways how to entertain our users while focusing on keeping their well-being high and satisfaction even higher.

For the past year, I have been working with several Latvian NGOs – representing their ideas, creating courses so they could improve, and, most importantly, creating long-lasting systems. As of now, I have created one of the first in-depth volunteer coordinator manuals in Latvian language.


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2021/2023 Project ManagerProject @ Club "The House"​ - Youth for United Europe

►▪️ Created a long-term engagement plan for NGO volunteers. Overall volunteer activity was increased several times within a year.
►▪️ Developed internal system and guidelines for cross-departmental collaboration. 3 activities were created with 3 different departments and 20+ volunteers.
►▪️ Managed 10+ country-wide conferences, live streams, and activities with volunteer teams. Two conferences reached 1500+ Latvian viewers with no marketing budget.
►▪️ Implemented several quality management methods. Improved meeting efficiency, goal-directed behavior, and conflict resolution.

2021/2022 Member of the board & Project Manager @ The National Youth Council of Latvia

►▪️ Developed youth involvement strategy and execution plan for Erasmus+ agency.
►▪️ Coached 10+ youth councils on how to attract and retain long-term volunteers.
►▪️ Built an operating volunteer system that managed 80+ volunteers for festivals and long-term involvement in the NGO.
►▪️ Created social impact toolkits to understand how different types of actions can impact local communities’ involvement in NGOs
►▪️ Wrote a volunteer management manual with 40+ topics, which teaches how to create a volunteer management system in any institution from scratch.

2020/2021 Goexanimo Esports Agency @ Marketing & Community ManagerMarketing

►▪️ Optimized website for SEO and created over 25 in-depth articles.
►▪️ Created digital events for the company’s community which increased activity and ensured the flow of new members. Improved the infrastructure of the community.
►▪️ Took care of community security, resolving conflicts, and recruitment of moderators. Ensured community users had a feeling of a safe atmosphere.
►▪️ Communicated with potential and existing companies’ community partners and established joint advertising campaigns.

2016/2019 Gaming Until End @ Community Marketing Executive DirectorCommunity

►▪️ Created strategic E-Marketing plans and executed with a team of 30+ people. Reached over 100 thousand people by using 10+ different marketing strategies.
►▪️ Created 30+ zero-cost events to entertain the community, reach new people, and increase the existing member activity.
►▪️ Improved CRM every 2 weeks. Achieved excellent results, 40+ thousand messages sent daily in our communication platforms with gamification systems.
►▪️ Addressed member requests & concerns, and built relationships between clients.

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