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I’m a highly skilled full-stack web and mobile developer with 14+ years’ experience in PHP/MySQL/MSSQL development, JavaScript, and Linux.

I specialize in end-to-end product development, and have expertise in MVC/Microservice-based approaches, Docker CI/CD, Agile software development cycles, AWS lightsail, and Azure cloud architecture.

I’m adept at test-driven development and QA using frameworks like PHP Unit, Simple Test, Mocha JS, and Jasmine.
My applications scale seamlessly and employ caching and clean database models to handle heavy traffic.

I’m a pragmatic developer who excels in fast-paced sprint cycles, and also have experience in Unix/Windows sys admin, TCP/IP development, and network engineering.

Professional area


2007-2009 Associate in Computer Science @ Farmingdale State College/ SUNY


2007 Freelance @ TheWeek.com

developed features for the online newspaper website using CakePHP and MYSQL, such as commenting, social sharing, image galleries, ad management, and analytics.

2007 Freelance @ Theweek.com

Helped develop the first backend for this online newspaper website using CakePHP and MYSQL

2008 Freelance @ Findatopdoc.com

Built review aggregation system to fetch reviews from all doctor review portals

2007 Freelance @ Earbuzz Artists Streaming Platform

Built a platform for artists to stream live performances and receive income from doing live performances

2008 Freelance @ BigWords.com

built a textbook comparison search engine using Zend Framework and MYSQL, utilizing memcache for caching and jQuery/native JavaScript for the front-end.

2008 Freelance @ TeachersNetwork.org

developed functionality for the NY Board of Education, allowing teachers to sell video learning sessions and manage sales/students using PHP and MYSQL.

05/2008 to 03/2009 Junior Full Stack Developer @ MTV Online Games, Manhattan, NY

Built a PHP-based platform that integrated with flash games, allowing for game sharing on Facebook, photo uploads within games, voting and polling, and more.
Built publishing CMSs and testing applications for web service APIs used by the flash games.

2009 Freelance @ Credjet

Built a web/lead processing website using PHP, Vanilla Javascript, and Hubspot integration.

03/2009 to 12/2009 Junior Full Stack Developer @ Realty Infusion, New York, NY

Helped build an enterprise-level short sale document management engine using a custom PHP5 framework and MYSQL for the backend and ExtJS (MVC based JavaScript) for the frontend.

02/2009 to 06/2011 Full Stack Developer @ Cameo Stars, New York, NY

Built a proprietary social gifting platform/video streaming platform with integrations with many payment gateways using CakePHP, Facebook API, amazon web services API, MYSQL, HTML5, Flex, and RTMP streaming technology.
Developed a CMS with integrations with amazon web services to manage web instances and caching systems such as CDN.

2010 Freelance @ Heisman.com

built the Heisman Trophy website and created a custom CMS using CodeIgniter (PHP5) to manage content, scores, and awards.

06/2011 to 12/2012 Senior Full Stack Developer @ Night Owl Interactive, New York, NY

Architected and built web applications from concept to finish for a web app development agency.
Projects included ambiohealth.com (enterprise level health data monitoring application using Zend Framework, MYSQL, Java, and Node.js) and Startuptank.com (platform for finding funding for projects using Zend Framework and MYSQL).

2012 Freelance @ Headhuntable.com

built a job site/portfolio showcase site for web developers using CakePHP and MongoDB.

2013 Freelance @ Mommycoach.com

Built a live chat video application portal for coaches to connect with mothers using CakePHP and MYSQL, with the front-end built mostly in Backbone.JS/CSS3.

2013 Freelance @ Fisherhouse.org

Built a responsive website using PHP/MYSQL and HTML5.

2013 Freelance @ Directory of Schools

Rebuilt a Symfony 1.0 site into a new CakePHP Restful-based architecture with HTML5/CSS and Backbone.JS for the front-end, and PHP/MYSQL, Redis, and ElasticSearch for the back-end.

12/2012 to 05/2013 Senior Full Stack Developer @ Rideship.com, New York, NY

Built a web/mobile application using PHP/MYSQL/Node.js and phonegap/HTML5 for the mobile application.
Contract role.

01/2013 to 01/2017 Lead Full Stack Developer @ Namepros, New York, NY

Built a fintech startup from scratch allowing users to invest their 401’s into the stock market
Utilized YII2, HTML5, LESS, Backbone.JS, RabbitMQ and built the entire architecture from scratch

05/2013 to present Full Stack Consultant @ Freelance Consultant

Working as a full-stack consultant primarily on front-end and back-end development with PHP/MONGO/MYSQL
Developing multiple Drupal web applications and WordPress applications

2014 Freelance @ JustSticky.com

Led a team of developers to build the Sticky Player and Sticky Interact products based on Laravel and BackboneJS.

04/2015 to 06/2016 Senior Full Stack Developer @ Zipcar.com, New York, NY (contractor)

Worked on multiple Drupal-based web properties for Zipcar
Built custom modules and themes that interfaced with backend APIs for their scheduling and booking system
Contributed to the development of their Ziptopia blog with tie-ins to Google Analytics and Google Custom Search

06/2016 to 12/2016 Senior Full Stack Developer @ Senior Full Stack Developer

Rebuilt Insuramatch’s Drupal 6 based web application to a Drupal 7 web application
Helped develop another site for Drupal 8 by building custom modules and themes

2018 Freelance @ Dyverse.com

Worked on building a Ruby on Rails application that aggregates apartment leasing data, performs analytics, and interfaces with Redis.

01/2018 to 06/2018 Lead Rails Developer @ Dyverse Online Marketing, Orlando, FL

Rebuilt an AdWords and SEO management platform for hotels
Integrated with top hotels in Orlando and utilized Ruby on Rails, PHP, MySQL, and RabbitMQ

01/2018 to 05/2018 Full Stack Engineer @ Fintech Startup, New York, NY (now acquired by Plaid)

Built a fintech startup from scratch allowing users to invest their 401’s into the stock market
Utilized YII2, HTML5, LESS, Backbone.JS, RabbitMQ and built the entire architecture from scratch

2019 Freelance @ BrandYourself.com

Worked as a full stack engineer using ReactJS, PuppetJS, MYSQL, CouchDB, and PHP.

2019 Freelance @ AdAutomate

Built a startup providing automation for landing page creation and automation for ads/ad tech using PHP, MYSQL, DynamoDB, VueJS, and AWS machine learning APIs.

06/2018 to 12/2018 Senior PHP Developer @ CBS Sports, Tampa, FL

Worked on a full-time contractual basis to build the new CBSSports.com
Used Symfony framework (latest version), SASS, and MySQL
Integrated new user interfaces and built backend microservices to consume a RESTful API and transform/work with provided data

04/2018 to 01/2021 Principal Engineer @ Upperlake Financial Services, Kansas City, MO

Built a lead capture/loan processing application which processes loans for the subprime industry
Used C#, .NET, Visual Studio, and MSSQL Server

(12/2018 - 05/2022) Lead Developer @ Cloud5.com, Tampa, FL

Built networking solutions, microservices, and admin-based dashboards
Mentored junior level developers, helped architect and built new systems, and managed a development team of four
Used PHP, Vue.js, MySQL, JavaScript, Kafka, and AWS

02/2020 to Present Technical Lead @ Pfizer, Austin, Texas

Developed an automation platform for big data within Thunderhead Development
Built a VueJS application to manage automation workflows and improve marketing data for Pfizer
Managed a team of 8-10 developers
Utilized PHP, MySQL, AWS, Python, AWS, SQS, Laravel, and VueJS technologies

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