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I am a creative and passionate designer with a strong ability to think outside the box. My creativity allows me to bring fresh and innovative ideas to every project I work on, ensuring that the designs I create are visually appealing and impactful. I believe in the power of collaboration and enjoy working alongside colleagues, stakeholders, and clients to achieve the best possible results.

With years of experience in both graphic and web design, I have honed my skills in creating visually stunning and user-friendly designs. From designing websites and applications from scratch to utilizing design libraries and UI kits, I am proficient in various design tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Tilda, Webflow, and Figma.

I possess a strong product-oriented mindset and understand the importance of creating designs that not only look great but also provide a seamless user experience. I have a solid understanding of UX/UI principles and methodologies, allowing me to craft designs that effectively meet user needs and business goals.

Communication is another area where I excel. I believe in maintaining open lines of communication, ensuring that all stakeholders are well-informed throughout the design process. I am easily accessible and responsive, making it easy for others to collaborate and work with me.

Overall, my strengths lie in my creativity, collaborative nature, extensive experience in graphic and web design, and proficiency in the necessary tools and techniques of a UX/UI designer. I am confident in my ability to contribute to the success of projects and deliver designs that leave a lasting impact.

Professional area


2015 Bachelor Degree. Graphic, Web Design, @ HSE University, Moscow

Throughout my studies, I developed skills in creating visually appealing graphics, designing user-friendly websites, and utilizing design software like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign. I also gained a solid understanding of web development technologies such as HTML, CSS. Overall, my degree has equipped me with the expertise and creativity needed to excel in the field of design. Received a diploma with the highest grade.

2016 UXUI for Web interfaces @ Moscow Digital Academy

I learned web design principles, such as layout, typography, and color theory. Created wireframes, mockups, and prototypes for websites and web applications. Moreover, I have learned how to optimize designs for different devices and create responsive web designs that adapt to various screen sizes.

2017 UXUI design @ Netology University

completed the UXUI design course on Netology and gained a comprehensive understanding of the product design process. I learned how to apply design thinking principles, conduct user research, and create design systems that ensure consistency and scalability.

2023 UX designer @ Evaluating accessibility of the interface for people with visual impairments / Intensive course / Usability Lab

After completing the course, I learned how to analyze and evaluate interfaces for people with visual impairments. We studied accessibility recommendations and standards, and also learned how to use tools to check interface accessibility. I learned how to conduct usability testing involving people with visual impairments and analyze the results of testing. During the course, we also examined a number of examples and practical tasks that helped me better understand the problems faced by users with visual impairments and how to solve them through interface design.


2017-2018 Communication designer. @ Gridly. Digital agency

Created landing pages, banners for websites (ALiExpress Russia Tmall), special project websites (Aviasales F1 BAKU, Similack). Worked with big brands of Russia and created not only interfaces^ but illustrations and content for social media.
My expertise in Adobe Design Programs, including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom, and Premiere, allowed me to deliver high-quality work with fast turnaround times. Additionally, I was experienced in graphic design for various clients and proficient in creating illustrations, logos, and presentations.As a Communication Designer, I collaborated with a design director and worked on creating beautiful projects for big brands. I was proficient in creating landing pages and banners for websites, including ALiExpress Russia Tmall and special project websites such as Aviasales F1 BAKU and Similac. I utilized my skills in visual communication and branding design with a creative approach to design challenges. My expertise in Adobe Design Programs, including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom, and Premiere, allowed me to deliver high-quality work with fast turnaround times. Additionally, I was experienced in graphic design for various clients and proficient in creating illustrations, logos, and presentations.

2012-2013 VP 24 Printing House @ Graphic designer

I have designed various print materials such as banners, brochures, collages, calendars, posters, business cards, and paper bag designs, using my proficiency in design skills.

My expertise in visual communication and branding design has helped me create effective designs that communicate the intended message clearly. I have been using Adobe Design Programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign for a long time, which has made me an expert in designing graphics and logos.

My strong communication skills have enabled me to collaborate effectively with clients and team members, resulting in successful projects.

2014-2017 Technical Designer @ MedLaz Clinic

I was responsible for various types of design for the plastic surgery clinic, including business cards, paper bags, folders, and more. I also created presentations for conferences and managed the clinic’s Instagram account.

2018-2021 UX UI Design + Web design @ Freelancer

During this time, I created landing pages, web sites on Tilda, designs for emails, social media banners, and digital illustrations. I used Figma to work on complex projects that required developer input.

One of the most notable projects I worked on was a large service website for selecting and training nannies and caregivers. This was a complex project that required careful consideration of user experience and design, and I am proud to have played a role in creating a valuable resource for families in need of caretaking services. The project involved creating wireframes, designing the user interface, and developing the website using Tilda. It was a great opportunity to work with a team and bring my skills in UX/UI design and web design to a larger project.

2021-2021 JSC Krastsvetmet @ User interface designer

During my work in the product team, I had the opportunity to apply my skills in product development, Figma and Adobe Design programs. I worked on redesigning the personal account section based on research, and I also designed usability testing and created design system components to ensure consistency throughout the product.

At JSC Krastsvetmet, I collaborated with a team of designers to develop a new system for factory clients. We designed a user-friendly interface that allowed customers to track the stages of precious metal production, access necessary documents, and communicate with managers, all while reducing paper waste and minimizing environmental impact. I am proud of our work in ensuring accessibility for all users, including the elderly and disabled, so that everyone can easily navigate and utilize our digital product.

Throughout these experiences, I utilized my skills in user interface design, strategy, communication, and critical thinking to achieve successful outcomes.

2022-2023 Remote Art Director @ KIDDIO IO

As an Art Director at KIDDIO, a US-based EdTech startup, I was responsible for all aspects of the company’s design, including social media, illustrations (which I created myself), visual materials, and presentations for teachers, and website design. During my tenure, I created beautiful visual representations of Kiddo everywhere it was needed, and I also developed a library of components and an easy-to-use brand book that ensured all designers could create the same quality visuals even when I wasn’t around. In addition, I was in charge of recruiting and interviewing designers for the project.

I truly enjoyed working with the KIDDIO team. Not only did we have a great work atmosphere, but we also tackled interesting, complex, and creative challenges, such as condensing copywriters’ intended meanings into presentations or learning materials, making illustrations and design fun yet coherent, and avoiding tackiness. I found these tasks exciting and was able to complete them successfully.

2022 - now Product Designer @ Freelance

As a UXUI designer, I focus on creating convenient and intuitive web interfaces for my clients. I strive to understand the needs and behavior of users to create highly functional and user-friendly websites, even if it’s just a simple landing page. Following all the rules of product design, I take my work seriously.

My unique experience in various design fields, including print and product design, allows me to approach each project not only from a usability standpoint but also from a business perspective, understanding how design can help solve my clients’ problems.

My approach to work is a combination of analysis, experimentation, and a creative mindset. I constantly keep up with trends and new technologies in UX/UI design to keep my clients on the forefront of their industry. I am confident that my experience, knowledge, and approach will help me create the best interfaces for my clients, increasing their conversion rates and user satisfaction.

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