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As a Disease Investigator, I worked with a team of investigators to manage patient data information systems. We worked daily on NEDSS, CTT, KYIR, KHIE, and Accruent, to process patient clinical and demographic information. I worked largely in database management, data organization and reconciliation. The Louisville Health Department relied mostly on NEDSS and CTT to process, organize, and review patient data. During much of this period I specialized in data deduplication and reconciliation. This focused heavily on the review and maintenance of individual patient information and the data system as a whole.
During my time as an Intelligence Analyst, including a deployment to Afghanistan, I worked with a team of data analysts as we received, processed, and categorized large volumes of information. We would then compile and present predictive analysis products based on that information. Among more clearance restricted applications, we made daily use of ArcMap, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote. These tools allowed us to create and conduct presentations to senior military leadership during real time active operations.
As a Medical Laboratory Technician I worked primarily in Chemistry and Blood banking. However during my time I participated in both the collection and the processing of all manner of blood and body fluids. While working with the National Guard I managed a medical lab for an Emergency Medical Support Company. I assisted this company in building an operational field lab in perpetration for a deployment.

Professional area


Fall 2016 - Spring 2020 Organizational Learning and Leadership @ University of Louisville
Fall 2014 - Fall 2015 Health Science Laboratory Technology @ George Washington University
Fall 2013 - Spring 2014 Medical Assistant Specialist @ Ross Medical Education Center


May,2020-May,2023 Disease Investigator @ Kentucky Department of Public Health

• Conducting patient interviews for epidemiological assessments
• Providing guidance on compliance with disease management programs
• Coordinating with patients to complete disease contact tracing
• Outreach to health professionals, community groups, social services, and high-risk individuals
• Providing education to health care professionals, community groups, and social services
• Obtaining medical records for meta-data analysis
• Reviewing documentation for accuracy, completeness, and consistency
• Worked daily on NEDSS, CTT, KYIR, KHIE, and Accruent

Jan,2015-May,2015, Apr,2019-May,2020 Medical Laboratory Technician @ Kentucky Army National Guard

• Coordinating laboratory tests and data with primary care providers
• Maintaining accurate patient and test records
• The collection, processing, and storage of blood and body fluids
• Preparing lab reagents and standard solutions for tests
• Repairing and maintaining both equipment, and a sanitary working environment
• Standardizing test procedures to ensure consistency, reliability, and accuracy
• Using a wide range of equipment to complete a diverse portfolio of tests and procedures

Jul,2015-Mar,2019 Intelligence Analyst @ United States Army

• The production of multimedia projects at request from clients
• Leading formal in-person presentations to senior leadership
• Worked closely with other departments, to produce collaborative projects
• Worked daily on ArcGIS, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and OneNote
• Consistently working 16-hour shifts for extended periods
• Maintaining security and confidentiality of national security information
• Establishing and maintaining records and record-keeping systems

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