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A results-oriented, highly motivated Administrator who is capable of providing a superb level of organization, compliance and efficiency to any company. A proactive hard worker who’s always eager and willing to go above and beyond in all duties in order to make sure that all operations run punctually, professionally, and satisfy all the needs of the client. Interested in joining a team where I will have a chance to gain exposure and experience in all levels of corporate enterprise while learning and growing with the company.


2008/2012 Diploma @ Baldwin Senior High School

Graduated with Honors

2012/2016 Bachelors of Science Electrical Engineering @ Buffalo State College

I completed 72 credits of the undergraduate Electrical Engineer program before I head to leave for medical reasons.


Nov 2019 / Dec 2020 SOC Operator @ SUMMIT SECURITY

-Responsible for scheduling and coordinating the staffing of the north east region of Summit Security.

-Diligently collaborate with field supervisors to ensure that all shifts are filled at all times.

-Conduct post watch to ensure that all officers arrive at their post on time as scheduled.

-Consult with officers to provide full time and part time work to fit the needs of each individual while providing seamless and exemplary service to each Client.

-Communicating directly with clients to provide the highest level of client service possible.

-Work in tangent with field leaders and account managers to effectively and swiftly provide 24 hour responsiveness and staff all “call outs” and “no call no shows” at any location

-Work with regional managers to provide solutions to reducing overtime, incidents, and open post throughout all accounts.

-Effectively documenting and managing incidents when they occur and ensuring that we maintain an optimal level of accountability and responsibility.

-Experience in using winteam to build, edit, and keep all schedules up to date.

-Experience using Ehub (mobile app software) to communicate employees and staff open post and offer shifts to qualified employees.

-Imputing and updating employee information and making sure employee records and contact information are always up to date.

-Proficient in using Mitel queue call software and maintaining optimal customer service.

-Expert at using winteam management software.

Dec 2020 – Present SOC Operator (remote) @ SUMMIT SECURITY

-During the 2020 covid19 pandemic I continued to work for Summit Security by remotely working from home. My responsibilities were as follows.

-Chief point of contact for Summit security officers at JFK airport as well as being the forefront of the Covid19 Response Team in the company.

-Handle arranging the scattered scheduling for the officers during the covid19 pandemic.

-Responsible for reporting any covid19 exposure threats throughout the company.

-Responsible for covering openings caused by officers who were out due to covid19 threat.

-Worked over 60 hours a week and answered phone calls and emails at all hours of the day including overnight shifts.

Feb 2019 / Nov 2019 Delivery Coordinator @ MILITARY SALES GROUP

-Responsible for coordinating 40-50 deliveries of vehicles to Foreign Clients every month

-Collecting sensitive identification documents from Foreign Diplomats and Employees to approve them for Financing and Leasing.

-Solving problems for Clients, such as instructing clients on how to acquire Passports, Visas, Drivers Licenses, Social Security Cards, and proof of insurance.

-Explaining the details of the Lease/finance contract’s stipulations to the Clients.

-Coordinate the logistics of getting a vehicle from the manufacturing factory, onto a train and to the dealership in the state that the client is moving to from a country overseas.

-Upholding a direct and professional relationship with the 3 major automotive manufactures Ford, VW and Chryslers and our primary finance partner M&T Bank

-Handled finance transactions such as collecting balances and disbursing funds.

-Experience using Microsoft excel; making tables, charts, organizing and imputing data.

June 2015 / Feb 2019 Auto Detailer @ BMW OF FREEPORT SERVICE CENTER

-Conducted tests and inspections of products, services, and processes to evaluate quality and performance

-Inspected and adjusted all equipment, machinery, and products to ensure operational use.

-Completed daily cosmetic repairs on BMW vehicles for clients and employees

-Transported BMW vehicles between the showroom and the service center when needed

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