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An experienced product developer with a proven track record of successfully creating and bringing products to market. Extensive experience in the blockchain industry with deep understanding of the Ethereum and Cosmos ecosystem. Background in Software engineering, Full stack development and DevOps.
Developed the token bridge chain between zkSync, Osmosis, and Ethereum, and built the NFT marketplace project and DeFi project on various platforms. Work experiences with startups for over years, helping to build technology-based businesses from the ground up.

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04 / 2010 – 03 / 2014 Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science @ University of Manitoba


03 / 2021 – 06 / 2023 Blockchain Engineer @ is creating an all-in-one platform for AI-based creation and blockchain governance
● Led development of the DeFi protocol focusing on interoperability with other DeFi protocols, ensuring high levels of security and scalability that attracted 15,000 loyal supporters
● Built 3 reusable cross-chain libraries using IBC functionalities of CosmWasm and increased the user base of the DeFi protocol by 37%
● Implemented a token bridge chain using Cosmos SDK to enhance the interoperability between zkSync, Osmosis, and Ethereum, which facilitated continuous integration and development of cross-chain DApp
● Designed and implemented a blockchain-based supply chain to track and verify the genetics of cannabis strains, increased supply chain transparency and reliability
● Addressed the challenge of ensuring the security and immutability of voting data in a blockchain-based voting system by implementing a secure and private data encryption solution

07 / 2019 – 02 / 2021 Lead Blockchain Engineer @ Instacoin

Instacoins is a regulated digital currency provider specializing in the sale and transfer of cryptocurrency and bitcoins
● Helped implement algebraic decentralized finance Liquidity Pool math using approximation methods within the protocol contracts
● Deployed contracts on Layer 2 chains such as Polygon or Optimism to allow the platform and its customers to save transaction gas fees of about 30% when using cryptocurrencies
● Implemented Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIP), specifically EIP 2535, allowing rapid scaling and abstraction of DAO’s decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol
● Developed an MVP application to integrate into payment processors and track financial statements on-chain and automate the generation of regulatory filings
● Created a defined process for the team to set up NFT drops with a user interface for customers to mint and claim NFTs from their creative economy platform

02 / 2016 – 04 / 2019 Full-Stack Developer @ Funnelair

Funnelair integrates seamlessly with some of the biggest names in the industry from payment processors to email gateways to autoresponders and webinar softwares
● Led an infrastructure migration of legacy service to modern AWS architecture utilizing Lambda, AWS CDK, S3, API Gateway, and more
● Introduced and implemented continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) practices, reducing the application deployment time
● Led the front-end development of a smart price recommendations platform used by large retail and eCommerce clients.
● Implemented and managed companies’ Design System library
● Profiled critical components, eliminating wasting renders which dramatically improved performance
● Simplified the project structure, emphasizing reusability and scalability

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