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Skilled in using data-driven insights to drive strategic decision-making, optimize business processes, and enhancing operational efficiency. Proficient in statistical analysis, data visualization, and predictive modeling. Strong analytical and problem-solving skills combined with exceptional communication, collaboration, and presentation acumen. Committed to delivering high-quality results and exceeding organizational goals in fast-paced environments.


08/09 to 12/14 Accounting/ Finance @ Marian University
01/23 to 12/23 Master's Business Analytics @ Notre Dame


2013 to 2017 Director of Operations @ TSCG Inc

During my tenure as the Director of Operations I was in charge of maintaining, organizing, and optimizing the internal operations of our firms small business clients. I personally overhauled the internal operations of a Home Health Agency, Certified Nursing Assistant Agency, and a CAN Training Program. My duties included payroll, patient chart audits for state and federal compliance, developing an orientation handbook, overhauling the human resource department, accounts payable, accounts receivable, I developed a hiring scorecard to streamline the hiring process, and I also challenged and won any unemployment claims from terminated employees.

01/15 to 5/15 Assistant Event coordinator @ Harlaxton Manor UK

Harlaxton Manor is a multipurpose event destination. During the Spring and Fall semesters it serves as the study abroad program for the University of Evansville. In the summer it hosts small groups including but not limited to sports teams, short term summer school programs, family reunions, business retreats, and elaborate weddings.

As the assistant event coordinator. I built a database to facilitate and manage the groups, students, and wedding events held at the manor. The database included a dietary restriction query/form for the kitchen staff updated daily. This query/form indicated the dietary needs and restrictions for each group. The database also included query/form for the cleaning and maintenance staff updated daily. This query/form informed the staff needed to be cleaned first for the next group arriving.

2017 to 2022 Mediator @ Self

In 2017 I was the mediator between an 18 acre property, owned by five (5) estranged family members, and a residential home building company. My duties included paying the property taxes, mediating between the family members who all loved in different states, negotiating with the developer, and cooperating with the City of Greenwood and Johnson County.

2017 to 2018 Interim CEO @ TSCG Inc

TSCG, Inc. was a CPA firm located in Plainfield, Indiana. When the former CEO died it was then my responsibility to address all the needs and concerns of the clients. It was my duty to safely return all the clients sensitive information. TSCG, Inc. was comprised of two people: myself and the now deceased former CEO. I spent the next five (5) months engaging with every single client. I prioritized the clients with the most work left to do on their tax returns. I spoke with them helped them find a new CPA. Spoke with the new CPA and gave them all of the source documents that I had for the client.

Now it was time to close the practice. After I had cleared all the open files I then went through contacting former/ and current clients about any other documents that I had found while cleaning out the office. I mailed or hand delivered every single file, document, and piece of note paper with a clients personal information scribbled on it to every single client. Once that was completed, the family of the former CEO took anything from the office that was special to them and the rest was donated to Goodwill. And the TSCG, Inc. was officially closed.

2010 - 2013 Office Manager @ TSCG Inc

As the office manager I still maintained all my duties as Office Assistant. I was in charge of data entry, client relations, emails, phone calls, setting up meetings, and internal operations.

2006 - 2009 Office assistant @ TSCG Inc

As the office assistant in an accounting firm my job was data entry. My specialty were the clients that brought in their receipts and source documents in grocery bags at the eleventh hour.

First, I would organize the receipts into categories. Second, I would log them into my spreadsheet. Third, I built formulas into my spreadsheets to recognize words as categories and add up the deductions as I went along. Depending on the client I could have the whole bag of receipts, an entire year of source documents, done between 12 – 15 hours.

2006 - 2009 Head Hostess @ Texas Roadhouse

I started out as a hostess. Then I became head hostess. My duties included:
• opening front of house
• training new employees
• answering the phone
• managing large parties / events
• working with the head buss boy (and bussing tables when they were slacking off)
• keeping my team in line and on point
• tracking wait times
• closing front of house

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