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Sales and Marketing Professional with 15+ years of experience in developing and executing successful marketing campaigns, generating leads, and closing deals. Highly motivated and results-oriented individual with a strong passion for sales and marketing. Proven track record of success in increasing revenue and driving business growth. Excellent communication and presentation skills. Comfortable working independently and as part of a virtual team.


08/2010 BA @ University of North Texas


01/2023 Director of Sales and Marketing @ Liyu Optoelectronics USA, LLC

Managed the development and maintenance of the startup website, generating over 1,000 visitors per month and generating over 10 leads per month.
Collaborated with ownership on all budgeting and logistical setup requirements, ensuring that the website was launched on time and within budget.
Developed and implemented a marketing strategy that utilized Google and social media ads to generate traffic and leads.
Managed a team of 10 sales representatives, providing them with training and support.
Currently working on streamlining logistics and distribution channels across the US and Canada, with the goal of reducing costs by 10%

07/2023 Chief Marketing and Sales Officer (Freelance) @ LivFree Consulting

Developed and implemented a comprehensive marketing strategy to establish a strong online presence, including setting up and managing social media accounts to increase followers and generate leads.
Collaborated with company principals to pivot the business model, shifting focus from medium to large cannabis operations to small businesses, expanding the client base and increasing revenue potential.
Designed a remote consultative approach for small businesses, offering services on a retainer basis with billable hours, similar to a law office, providing a more flexible and cost-effective solution for clients.
Created and executed a sales plan and process to target small businesses in the cannabis industry, identifying potential clients and establishing long-term relationships.
Took over the maintenance and content creation for the company blog and website, ensuring up-to-date information, engaging content, and improved search engine optimization.
Worked closely with company principals to understand their vision and goals, translating them into actionable marketing and sales strategies that align with the company’s objectives.

10/2022 Marketing and E-Commerce Specialist / Project Manager (Freelance) @ JEMA Crafts, LLC.

Managed and executed digital marketing strategies across multiple social media platforms, increasing brand visibility and customer engagement.
Designed, developed, and maintained the company website, ensuring a user-friendly experience and optimized content for search engines.
Created and updated a company blog with relevant and engaging content, driving organic traffic and improving SEO rankings.
Collaborated with external partners, including Midjourney, to design digital artwork for various products such as shirts, mousepads, and promotional materials.
Utilized laser engraving technology to create unique and customized products, expanding the company’s product offerings and attracting new customers.
Established and managed an e-commerce store, handling product listings, inventory management, and order fulfillment for art, apparel, and smart home products.
Offered freelance services for website design, SEO optimization, digital marketing, and smart home installations, diversifying revenue streams and expanding the client base.
Served as a project manager for outsourced website development and SEO work, coordinating with a team in India to ensure timely and high-quality deliverables for clients.

09/2015 - 10/2023 International Sales Director @ Ceyhionz Link, Inc

Increased client satisfaction by 20% and generated $20M in sales, including $9M from developing the product line.
Led training on closing deals on new product lines, leading to a 400% increase in sales for global accounts.
Planned and executed successful multichannel marketing campaigns, achieving individual sales of $7.5M, while optimizing distribution to 250 growers in the US and Canada.
Sourced and acquired new distributors worldwide.
Streamlined logistics and distribution channels across the US and Canada, utilizing 3PL warehousing, distributors, and our own warehouse.
Implemented cost-saving methods by comparing vendors, services, packaging, and shipping options.
Established employee pay structures, sales pipelines, social media accounts, logistics, warehouse and warehouse services, and operational procedures

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