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Prior to pivoting my focus to programming and data science, I was studying business with an emphasis in marketing. I enjoy working at the intersection of business and technology, using data to improve efficiency, streamline operations, and enhance customer service experience.

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August 2022-May 2023 Business Intelligence engineer @ Meta

-Improved and sustained 30 Capital and Operational Expense Tableau dashboards for the Capital Strategic team. Accomplished by actively participating in requirement-gathering meetings, comprehending business implications, engaging with data engineers and stakeholders, and executing enhancement directives. This initiative led to heightened precision in business and operational budget reports intended for consumption by organizational leadership.
-Teamed up with a group of 3 BI engineers to streamline more than 20 business dashboards within a one-month timeframe. This involved compiling usage and metadata details for each dashboard using Google Sheets, comprehending the metrics and KPIs embedded in each dashboard, and working closely with colleagues to successfully carry out the consolidation initiative. The result was a notable reduction in data redundancies and dashboards, enhancing their value for stakeholder consumption. Furthermore, the creation of a centralized hub for metrics and KPIs was established to better serve this purpose.
-Orchestrated a critical on-call system integral to upholding the dependability and accessibility of data pipelines. Demonstrated a swift response to failures, employing internal tools to troubleshoot and rectify issues. This encompassed analyzing the timing of failures, executing data pipeline reruns, and methodically liaising with team members to ensure a systematic and streamlined resolution process.
-Possess advanced proficiency in managing MYSQL and HIVE databases, proficiently overseeing data storage, retrieval, and analysis. Skilled in crafting streamlined database structures that are optimized for performance, safeguarding data integrity, and fortifying security measures.

January 2022-August 2022 Business Analyst Intern @ Meta

Developed and executed a sophisticated, high-priority data pipeline in just 2 months to cater to hourly reporting needs. This achievement involved adeptly translating stakeholder requirements into actionable insights, constructing efficient data extraction workflows from Gsheets, and engaging closely with data engineers to meticulously validate the ultimate output. As a result, stakeholder satisfaction significantly improved, accompanied by a notable enhancement in the precision of decision-making processes.
Integrated a pipeline health indicator across 12 mission-critical business dashboards. This accomplishment entailed crafting intricate Presto queries to amass vital health insights from ETL workflows, presenting these data points via a Hoover sheet on a prototype dashboard, and collaborating closely with team members to guarantee seamless integration. This effort led to the punctual launch of the health indicator, significantly amplifying communication and visibility of daily ETL efficiency for both stakeholders and developers.
Elevated the functionality of 3 foundational Tableau dashboards in a span of 2 months, while also ensuring their consistent upkeep over the subsequent 6 months. This was accomplished by swiftly addressing bugs, promptly incorporating new enhancements as per stakeholder requests, and collaborating closely with teammates to validate standardization efforts. This initiative yielded a notable upswing in efficiency, markedly heightened stakeholder satisfaction, and a substantial rise in the dashboards’ utility for fostering business collaboration.

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