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An empathetic planner who has experience with dense projects and tight timelines. I use my 10 years of experience in Space flight/ Aerospace manufacturing to analyze critical path and creatively solve problems. Based in Orange County, CA.

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2005-2009 Diploma @ El Modena Highschool
01/2023 Ux/Ui Foundations @ Avocademy


07/2023- Current UX/UI Design Lead @ Core AI

● Lead and mentor a team of UX/UI designers, fostering a collaborative environment to deliver exceptional user
● Conduct in-depth analysis of the existing user interface for a Saas company, to identify pain points and areas for
improvement in user interactions.
● Act as the primary client liaison throughout the project, presenting design concepts and progress updates, while
leading the UX/UI team to align with client expectations and project goals.
● Perform comprehensive heuristic evaluations of the existing software to identify usability issues and adherence to established design principles and best practices.
● Embraced an Agile methodology to efficiently manage design iterations and project timelines, fostering constant
collaboration to meet the client’s requirements.
● Lead the development of wireframes for the new design, in collaboration with the UX/UI design team to translate
conceptual ideas into tangible, low-fidelity representations of the user interface.
● Champion accessibility and inclusivity by incorporating accessibility guidelines into the style guide and high-fidelity
designs, contributing to a more inclusive user experience.
● Collate detailed design documentation, including high-fidelity mockups, annotations, and design rationale, to ensure clear communication of design intentions to developers.

08/2021- Current Master Scheduler II @ Applied Composites

● Transform work breakdown structure and indentured BOM documents into actionable insights and production plans with cross-functional stakeholders.
● Research and develop streamlined outside processing plans in collaboration with engineering, material planning, and production management.
● Partner with the Program Management Office to establish clear priorities that ensure customer satisfaction.
● Utilize comprehensive journey maps as a powerful visual tool to effectively communicate program needs and user
pain points with key stakeholders.
● Employ a combination of master scheduling and UX techniques to carefully examine and enhance processes,
ensuring smoother workflows and improved efficiency. By prioritizing the needs and feedback of users, we successfully identified pain points, iteratively improve upon processes, and achieve a more streamlined experience.

01/2023-04/2023 UX/UI Designer @ REMY NY

● Design and implement essential components and their variants in B2C e-commerce website, ensuring an impactful
and user-friendly experience.
● Collaborate with a team of designers to develop a mood board and style guide to capture the client’s sophisticated
and youthful brand image while catering to their target demographic, ensuring consistency and coherence in the
overall design direction.
● Transform UI iterations and style guide components into lo-fi wireframes, effectively capturing design concepts and
establishing a clear direction for developing a functional prototype.
● Join iterative design sessions to foster collaboration, ensuring the development of consistent and accessible designs throughout the product development lifecycle.
● Utilize Lo-fi wireframes to link all interactions and design elements, effectively translating static design concepts into a functional prototype and providing a basis for user testing and iteration.
● Elevated the design process by transforming low-fidelity wireframes into high-fidelity prototypes, employing UX best
practices and design principles to enhance the visual aesthetics, interaction patterns, and overall user experience.
● Communicate with the development team to facilitate a seamless handoff of design deliverables and ensure
successful implementation of UX/UI designs, ensuring alignment with project goals and technical feasibility.
● Develop interactive and clickable prototypes using industry-leading tools, allowing stakeholders and end-users to engage in meaningful usability testing and providing invaluable insights for refining the final product design.

01/2023-03/2023 UX/UI Designer @ Crysteous

● Create a functional prototype for a B2C client utilizing Figma, translating design concepts into interactive digital
experiences for user testing and validation.
● Collaborate with team members to develop an agile test plan and test script for conducting usability tests on
UserTesting.com, ensuring a structured and efficient testing process.
● Analyze and synthesize usability test findings into a comprehensive test report, presenting key insights and actionable recommendations to the team for enhancing the overall user experience.
● Communicate and engage with cross-functional stakeholders to brainstorm and implement practical solutions based on the insights gained from testing and analysis.
● Leverage comprehensive preexisting user flows, as a foundation to efficiently develop a high-fidelity prototype,
streamlining the design process and accelerating the creation of an intuitive and user-centric product.
● Deliver handoff with the development team to ensure smooth successful implementation of final usability
improvements, ensuring that the end product is aligned with the design vision and user-centered goals.
● Leveraged Figma’s robust prototyping capabilities to rapidly iterate and create interactive user interfaces, streamlining the design process, and facilitating seamless collaboration among team members.

11/2019-07/2021 Production Control Coordinator @ Applied Composites

● Engage with diverse cross-functional disciplines, applying user-centered methodologies to minimize lag time between
processes, resulting in cohesive and intuitive outcomes for enhanced user experiences.
● Partnering with IT to collaboratively develop user flows, low-fidelity wireframes, and user testing, I contributed to
developing a comprehensive company intranet, catering to the needs of our internal teams and users.
● Develop processes that leverage the company intranet and Microsoft Project Suite to drive production and improve on-time delivery.
● Engaged in proactive communication with key stakeholders, including troubleshooting issues related to routing, shortages, parts lists, and engineering needs. By collaboratively addressing and resolving these challenges, we streamlined production processes and ensured smooth project execution.

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