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As a seasoned computer engineer with a proven track record, I offer a potent blend of technical prowess and creative problem-solving that is primed to drive transformative innovation within your organization. With a solid foundation in both hardware and software domains, I have successfully tackled complex challenges and delivered solutions that elevate efficiency and user experience. My adaptability shines through as I effortlessly traverse between low-level hardware interactions and high-level software development, ensuring holistic and streamlined outcomes. Leveraging my extensive experience in diverse projects, I am adept at not only optimizing existing systems but also conceptualizing and implementing novel technologies. If you’re seeking a dedicated professional who can seamlessly bridge the gap between vision and execution, I am poised to propel your team towards unparalleled success.

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2021-2025 Bachelors B.S @ University of California, Irvine

University of California, Irvine
● Affiliated with Gamma Phi Beta
● Computer Engineering Major, Political Science Minor
● Graduation – June 2025


June 2022- September 2022 IT Specialist Intern @ RQ Construction , CA

● Implemented and maintained a new project management software, resulting in a 20% increase in team productivity and improved collaboration among stakeholders.
● Assisted in the deployment and configuration of network infrastructure, including routers, switches, and wireless access points, ensuring smooth connectivity across the construction site.
● Provided technical support to 50+ users, resolving 90% of helpdesk tickets within agreed service level agreements (SLAs).
● Collaborated with cross-functional teams to develop and deliver IT training sessions, increasing staff proficiency in utilizing
technology tools and applications.
● Conducted research and made recommendations for hardware and software upgrades, resulting in a 10% improvement in
overall system performance.
● Managed and maintained the company’s IT inventory, accurately tracking hardware and software licenses, reducing costs
associated with unnecessary purchases.
● Assisted in the setup and troubleshooting of video conferencing systems, facilitating effective communication between remote
teams and stakeholders.

January 2023-March 2023 Web Developer Intern @ Mattel

● Collaborated with a team of developers and designers to conceptualize and prototype a new website game, meeting project milestones and deadlines.
● Integrated various third-party APIs and libraries, such as graphics rendering engines or physics engines, to enhance game functionality and performance.
● Conducted rigorous testing and debugging of game mechanics, identifying and resolving software bugs and issues to improve overall stability.
● Implemented responsive web design principles to ensure compatibility and optimal user experience across different screen sizes and devices.
● Worked closely with artists and designers to integrate visual assets, animations, and audio elements, enhancing the game’s aesthetic appeal and immersion.
● Implemented a version control system, such as Git, to facilitate collaborative development and ensure the integrity and safety of the project.

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