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High-performing technical professional with experience in modeling, data analysis/visualization and software development. Strong communicator and team player who enjoys developing training materials and educating others at all skill levels.


2015-2019 Bachelor of Science in Computer Science @ William & Mary

Relevant courses include Operating Systems, Informatics, Human Computer Interaction, and Software Development

2015-2019 Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy @ William & Mary

Relevant courses include Social Network Analysis, and Foreign Policy: Security & Development


2019-2023 Data Scientist @ Booz Allen Hamilton

Generated and refined various models (Python, C#, etc.) for the US Military to perform escalation and conflict analysis. Created both front-end interfaces and data engineering processes to highlight trends and takeaways from the output data.

Developed a conflict modelling tool that allows users to build customized escalation scenarios, explore them in a JavaScript interface, and gather new data about how they might play out using a range of different actor decision models.

Created custom web application for the Office of Naval Research to visualize their application portfolio and project capabilities, to assist them with making future budget and application change decisions.

Helped develop prototype using Node.js for a web application known as Migration Pathfinder, which recommends cloud migration strategies for client portfolios at the application component level based on an evolving dataset.

2018-2019 Research Assistant @ William & Mary Department of Government

Drove data collection to grow original dataset on political elites who have switched parties in the US Congress and British Parliament.

Co-authored a published research paper on the effect of sexual misconduct allegations on elected US officials at the federal and state levels, especially with regards to resignation or failure to win re- election.

Used a survival model in R to highlight trends and make predictions for future cases based on factors including number of allegations and level of office.

2015-2017 Software Developer / Manager @ IronThronePowers & SevenKingdoms

Co-managed and moderated online collaborative strategy game with a userbase of 1,000+ people. Wrote and maintained wiki and captured proposal feedback.

Developed complex data sheets and formula structures in both Excel and Google Sheets to streamline the process of tracking/simulating economic concepts and in- game conflict situations, such as trade competition and medieval style sieges.

Drew hex-based layer map in GIMP, then implemented online in JavaScript using the Leaflet module. Subsequently expanded map to one with significantly more scope and detail for use in the sequel game

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