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I am currently in pursuit of a part-time, remote position as a customer support, administrative assistant, and/or personal assistant. I bring with me valuable experience in call-center technical support as well as office and team management. In my current full-time role, I successfully oversee a team of individuals, and I am now seeking a secondary income source. You can count on me to contribute to your company’s efficiency and organization.

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2003/2011 Health sciences @ Kaplan university

Completed bachelors degree majoring in health sciences


12-2021/Present Lead personal attendant @ Amani Exceptional Services

Provided personalized support with activities of daily living for developmentally disabled adults, ensuring their well-being and comfort.
– Efficiently managed household responsibilities, including meticulous medication management, scheduling and accompanying individuals to medical and dental appointments, and running errands to maintain adequate supplies for the team.
– Demonstrated flexibility and reliability by promptly assisting in emergency situations, ensuring the seamless fulfillment of shifted schedules due to call-offs and time-off requests.
– Collaborated with the CSF (Company Staffing Department) to assist in finding suitable staffing solutions for the monthly schedule, ensuring a well-organized and fully-staffed team.
– Played a pivotal role in the training of all new hires, imparting necessary skills and knowledge to ensure their successful integration into the team.
– Continued to enhance the professional development of current staff members through ongoing training initiatives, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

7-2017/12/2021 Caregiver @ California caregivers

Provided comprehensive support in activities of daily living for diverse clientele comprising elderly individuals and developmentally disabled adults.
– Offered reliable transportation services, using both personal and client-provided vehicles, for various errands including grocery shopping and medical appointments.
– Possessed expertise and received training in operating Hoyer lifts, demonstrating proficiency in assisting individuals with Cerebral Palsy.
– Conducted meal preparation as per specific dietary requirements, ensuring optimal nutrition and care for clients.

12-2015/5-2017 Hood technician @ Butler’s mobile cleaning source

Performed meticulous servicing of commercial kitchen hoods on a scheduled basis, ensuring compliance with State and County fire and health codes. This involved thorough cleaning of filters and fan systems to remove excessive grease buildup, mitigating the risk of fires and maintaining a safe environment for businesses and government institutions.
– Adhered to strict security protocols by obtaining State and Federal clearances, necessary for servicing government institutions such as federal and state prisons.
– Demonstrated responsibility and organizational skills while traveling for work, managing company expense credit card usage, accurately tracking receipts, and completing required paperwork for each customer serviced.

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