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Results-driven professional with a proven track record of effective leadership and strategic planning in diverse organizational settings. Leveraging a background in program management, team collaboration, and project execution to transition into the dynamic fields of Cloud and Cybersecurity. Adept at enhancing operational efficiency, fostering cross-functional collaboration, and driving measurable outcomes. Eager to bring a unique blend of skills, including stakeholder engagement, data-driven decision-making, and process optimization, to contribute to a forward-thinking Cloud and Cybersecurity team.

Passionate about leveraging my expertise in program management and cross-functional collaboration to contribute effectively to Cloud and Cybersecurity initiatives. Eager to bring a proactive and results-oriented approach to a dynamic team.

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01/2013 - 05/2016 B.S Psychology @ Liberty University
08/2016 - 05/2018 M.A Human Services @ Liberty University


09/2021 - Current Service Coordinator @ DC Government

Managed a caseload of up to thirty (30) cases, maintaining adherence to DDS Service Coordination Caseload Policy, ensuring high-quality support for individuals.
Developed and maintained comprehensive electronic case files for individuals, resulting in an accurate and up-to-date repository of demographic, diagnostic, legal, programmatic, and medical records.
Documented all interactions and contacts in accordance with agency policies, ensuring 100% compliance and timely information recording.
Facilitated team discussions to resolve access problems, achieving 95% success in resolving service-related issues and securing needed support.
Ensured accurate maintenance of Medicaid eligibility documents, ICF/IDD eligibility, and SSI/SSDI documents, maintaining a 98% accuracy rate.
Led special projects impacting the agency, successfully managing planning, evaluation, and development efforts, resulting in a 30% improvement in project completion efficiency
Designed, implemented, and managed program activities, resulting in a 20% increase in participant engagement and satisfaction over a six-month period.
Led successful product launch campaigns, increasing online visibility and engagement by 30%, and achieving a 10% growth in customer base.
Managed cross-functional project timelines and milestones, ensuring all deadlines were met with a 98% success rate.

12/2019 - 09/2021 Program Director @ National Children’s Center

Developed and executed a comprehensive strategic growth plan resulting in a 15% increase in annual revenue and a 20% expansion of market share within a 12-month period
Conduct comprehensive research to evaluate and prioritize emerging business prospects, promptly responding with targeted strategies.
Conceptualize and develop innovative services that enrich and expand individual and familial experiences, fostering new revenue streams and ensuring program longevity.
Authored clear and effective policies and procedures, enhancing operational efficiency by providing standardized guidelines resulting in a 30% reduction in response times..
Collaborate closely with the Innovation Strategist and CSS Director to devise a dynamic staffing framework that attracts and retains a diverse workforce reflective of the cultural tapestry of the District of Columbia and Maryland. Mentored and guided colleagues, contributing to a 40% improvement in team members’ utilization of strengths, fostering a more collaborative and efficient work environment.
Employ a blend of qualitative and quantitative data analysis to inform strategic decisions, enhancing the precision of choices made.Establish and nurture a network of strategic alliances and partnerships, fortifying the organization’s ecosystem of business associates.
Represent the agency as a liaison to clients, community collaborators, and external stakeholders, fortifying relationships and bolstering the organization’s public standing.
Spearheaded participation in key industry conferences, meetings, and events, raising NCC’s visibility by 30% and forging connections that led to 5 new partnership opportunities
Serve as an inspiring exemplar for fellow team members, radiating positivity and professionalism throughout the organization.Provide visionary leadership to the Director-level cadre within the CSS Division of NCC, guiding them towards exceptional performance and overarching divisional goals.

07/2016 - 12/2019 Program Manager @ National Children’s Center

Delivered tailored training sessions, enhancing staff knowledge and skills, resulting in a 15% increase in staff competence and adherence to best practices.
Orchestrated seamless new staff orientations, ensuring a 25% reduction in onboarding time and enhancing staff integration into the program, site, and individual requirements.
Maintained meticulous records, reducing data retrieval time by 30%, and enabling efficient coordination of service delivery and case management for NCC-contracted services.
Fostered collaboration through weekly meetings with Nurse Manager, resulting in 90% alignment of medical services with program goals and improved client health outcomes.
Developed and executed program strategies that led to a 20% increase in project efficiency, reducing project completion time by an average of 15%.
Led cross-functional teams in the successful delivery of 10 projects, each meeting or exceeding quality standards, resulting in a 95% client satisfaction rate.
Conducted regular risk assessments, identifying and mitigating potential project risks, which resulted in a 30% reduction in project delays and cost overruns.
Provided clear and constructive feedback to team members, contributing to a 40% improvement in team members’ skill development and overall performance.
Developed and maintained partnerships with external stakeholders, resulting in a 30% increase in collaborative opportunities and project funding
Monitored and ensured compliance with project milestones and deadlines, achieving a 98% on-time project delivery

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