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I am an experienced Front End software developer with a strong focus on innovation and client-driven
solutions, boasting 5 years of expertise. My proficiency spans an array of technologies, including JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Redux, and various frameworks such as Vue and Angular. With a comprehensive toolkit that encompasses databases like PostgreSQL and MongoDB, as well as cloud platforms like AWS, I have successfully contributed to the development of new features and prototypes, driving enhanced user experiences and data visualization. My adaptable nature, coupled with a knack for collaborative problem-solving, enables me to spearhead architectural improvements and steer teams toward contemporary technologies. I excel at streamlining product flows, making them more accessible and user-friendly, and am eager to continue crafting innovative solutions to meet evolving challenges.

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July 2018 - Nov 2018 Certification @ Launch Academy

● Successfully completed an immersive and rigorous web development boot camp spanning 60-80 hours per week, with a dedicated emphasis on mastering Ruby on Rails and React technologies.
● Cultivated proficiencies within a professional environment, specifically tailored to mirror real-world workplace demands and expectations.
● Engaged in a collaborative two-week group project, fostering adeptness in efficient git flow methodologies and promoting effective team dynamics.
● Demonstrated advanced aptitude through the execution of a comprehensive two-week individual project, showcasing mastery over acquired skills and innovative problem-solving strategies.
● Attained a high level of competence in data modeling and application development, establishing a robust cornerstone for a prosperous trajectory within the realm of software engineering.


Oct 2021 - present Sr Product Developer @ Altman Solon

● Helped providers route new fiber cost-effectively by leveraging expertise in React and modernizing the legacy
● Collaborated with a cross-functional team to enhance and modernize the existing codebase, ensuring efficient
and effective routing of new fiber for providers.
● Led the transition from Angular to React, leveraging expertise in React to improve development efficiency and
code maintainability.
● Led discussions on architectural improvements, driving the adoption of contemporary technologies and
phasing out outdated packages and libraries.
● Implemented innovative features using React to visualize large data sets on Google Maps API, enabling
seamless digestion of thousands of data points.
● Collaborated with UX designer to optimize and streamline product flow, making it more user-friendly and
accessible to a broader audience.

Nov 2019 - Oct 2021 Sr. Software Engineer and Onboarding Teamlead @ Human Care Systems

● Worked with VueJS, Vuex, Node, MongoDB, and MoleculerJS on a daily basis.
● Co-lead a team that restructured the code base’s entire front-end architecture to ensure it had readable,
expandable, and standardized code.
● Developed automated cadences, in-browser SMS capability, physical mail automation, and various services
throughout the application.
● Assumed leadership as the onboarding team lead for the engineering department, effectively assessing new
hires’ skills and identifying areas for improvement.
● Developed comprehensive lesson plans to seamlessly integrate new employees into the codebase and bridge any knowledge gaps in the company’s technologies.
● Facilitated a smooth transition of employees to suitable teams based on their strengths and areas of expertise.

Jan 2019 - Nov 2019 Full Stack Developer @ Censinet

● Developed a SaaS application using React, TypeScript, Redux, and Ruby on Rails for third-party employment
vetting in the healthcare sector.
● Conducted comprehensive code reviews to ensure adherence to design patterns and maintain code
consistency across the team.
● Enhanced an algorithm to quantify and score questionnaire responses based on multiple data points, resulting
in more accurate assessments.
● Designed and implemented a vendor questionnaire feature with version control and auditing capabilities,
enabling efficient tracking of changes.
● Implemented user federated log in using OAuth and Ruby gems, allowing clients to access the platform
through their company portals.
● Collaborated on creating visually appealing print screen style sheets for multi-page questionnaires and various
project screens.
● Led daily stand-up meetings to foster effective communication and alignment within the team.

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