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Experienced, results-driven, and creative CX & Operations specialist.


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11/2022-06/2023 Orientation Specialist @ Qwick

Interviewed freelancers daily, matching their skills with product and market demands.
– Elevated team through consistently delivering skill-enhancement resources via Google Suite, Slack, and proprietary tools.
– Collaborated with cross-functional teams to review and maintain project portfolio data, ensuring high data integrity and compliance with data management guidelines. Delivered actionable data analysis, trend reports, and insights to inform portfolio management decisions.
– Produced 300+ daily annotations in Label Studio, automating the approval process for nationally recognized brands.
– Mitigated driving risks during freelancer orientations through an initiative to empower specialists with a new canned response and streamlined appointment management.

02/2022-08/2022 CX Change Manager @ Pollen

– Developed comprehensive articles featuring decision trees and pre-written responses for diverse brands and languages, integrated with Kustomer/Zendesk CRM for broader accessibility and consistency.
– Discovered changes and process improvement for the customer experience with cross-functional teams, remote peer-to-peer shadowing via Zoom, agile planning, data analytics, customer feedback, root cause analysis, Trustpilot, CSAT, and app data.
– Fostered efficient information sharing by centralizing communication channels for CX. This project enhanced the alignment of workflows, policies, and tooling updates among remote support teams and in-destination box office staff.
– Achieved rapid results within one month by completely overhauling the most extended ticket theme, the trip transfer process. 59% reduction in handling time and one-touch resolution rates elevated from 57% to 81%.
– Managed project intake process, ensuring all necessary information was collected and communicated effectively to subcontracted business partners.
– Assisted the Strategy Manager in planning, organizing, and coordinating functions related to Customer Experience business operations. Recommended new procedures for increased efficiency of day-to-day operations and strategies for reducing costs.

08/2021-08/2022 CX Box Office Manager @ Pollen

– Supervised the fulfillment team during live music events and hotel check-ins, maintaining careful adherence to proper procedures including hotel check-in, credential pick-up, product sales, COVID-19 compliance, magic moments, complimentary compensations, and customer escalations.
– Traveled to and managed fulfillment operations with attendance ranging from 2,500 to 9,000 attendees in Las Vegas, Miami, Cabo, Malta, Nashville, and Lake Havasu.
– Designed a tracking process that shortened report generation time by 30%+ and efficiently captured critical data including customer behavior, visitor volume, and financial insights for future planning and decision-making.

04/2021-01/2022 CX Team Lead @ Pollen

– Responsible for 5 direct reports, holding weekly data-driven meetings to assess performance against expectations and encourage growth initiatives both internally and externally.
– Resolved critical support cases, identified recurring themes, orchestrated stakeholder feedback sessions, and introduced solutions to bridge knowledge gaps.
– Utilized Salesforce to generate reports, perform data entry, and verify data integrity.

05/2019-03/2020 Community Operations Specialist @ Pollen

– Improved Salesforce accuracy and reduced the time it takes to review applications week over week. Formulated actionable feedback from the applicant’s history of attending events, geographical location, and preferred genre of music to help attenuate acceptance and activation.
– Reviewed 6,000+ applications as the 3rd largest contributor to the team’s success in generating enough data to fully automate the department. Retroactively reviewed applicant data to create a list of indicators for the most successful applicants, and discovered the cohorts that are most likely to return and contribute to growth.

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