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As a contracted Marketing Director for the last three years, I have experience in social media management and marketing, email marketing and sales funnels, newsletter writing, blog writing, website upkeep and administrative duties.
I have a strong passion for marketing and staying up-to-date on social media trends as well as writing newsletters and blogs. I am capable of conceptualizing content and enjoy working with creatives.


9/2009 - 5/2011 Culinary Arts / Business @ Kirkwood Community College

Associates Degree in Culinary Arts and Business


3/2020 - 6/2023 Marketing Director @ Eat To Perform

-Helped manage a team of 5-10 marketing specialists
-Managed social media marketing on all platforms
-Content creation
-Created and managed email marketing campaigns
-Assisted in customer service for multiple brands under the ETP umbrella -Graphic design
-Newsletter writing
– Blog writing
-Website management and updating -SEO
-Data collection and analyzation
-Podcast production and editing

9/2022 - 5/2023 Account Liason @ QuickFresh

– Assisted in customer service via text, email and phone calls
– Knowledge about products, release dates, and the workings of the website to assist customers
– Point of contact for both Eat To Perform CEO and QuickFresh CEO
– Liaison between Eat To Perform contractors and QuickFresh contractors
– Assisted in website development and SEO
– Created deliverables for clients (i.e. recipe books, caloric intake ledgers, product information)

2/2021 - 6/2021 Social Media Manager @ School of Email

– Handled all social media on all platforms
– Conceptualized content
– Created reels, stories, posts, etc
– Analyzed data and adjusted based on findings
– Stayed up to date on platform changes and trends
– Assisted in creating deliverables for clientele

12/2016 - 6/2022 Head Pastry Chef - Manager @ 801 Restaurant Group

– Managed a group of 8 employees
– Created seasonal dessert menus
– Created relationships with various vendors, bringing in new, high quality products
– Knowledge of contents and preparation of all menu items
– Ability to work on multiple stations
-Managed ordering and invoicing
-Assisted in creating menu design
-Implemented structure and proper safety procedures

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