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I am looking to work for a professional organization that can benefit from my exceptional organizational skills, compassion for growth, desire to make a difference and impeccable work ethic, while also allowing me to continue to develop into a superb leader throughout the agency.
My main interest is in the field of information technology, until I am able to secure a position in the field I plan on continuing to further all of my skills in other fields.

Professional area


5/2023 - 8/2023 Technical Support, Microsoft Azure @ Google Coursera



11/2022 5/2023 Journeyman Electrician @ Moss

60 hrs -weekly sun-sat
In charge of demonstrating and overseeing proper stringing of sun powered chargers in series which includes interfacing each board to the following in a line. Sunlight based chargers have positive and adverse terminals. While hanging in series, the wire from the positive terminal of one sun powered charger to the associated adverse terminal of the following board.
Protecting the comprehension of while hanging boards in equal, each extra board builds the current of the circuit while the voltage of the circuit continues as before.
Placing split lumes and other safety coverings to wiring and other components regarding to paneling and stringing.
Having basic understandings of
• Most extreme DC input voltage (Vinput, max): the greatest voltage the inverter can get • Least or “Begin” Voltage (Vinput, min): the voltage level essential for the inverter to work • Most extreme Info Current: how much energy the inverter can deal with prior to breaking • What number of Most extreme Power Point Trackers are available.
Insuring that all safety regulations and equipment is being properly applied to job site and each individual occupying my work space and specific group.
(Currently awaiting to be assigned to a new contract until I find a different occupation)

3/2022 - 10/2022 Customer service agent @ West Jet

Early morning customer service. Providing customers with efficient help. Ensuring the safety and comfort of our customers while providing exceptional service, at high altitudes.Provide assistance lifting and stowing luggage onto conveyor belt and soliciting weighing assistance when needed.
Demonstrate the use of identification safety and security to ensure safety requirements are met. Daily duties consist of checking in baggage and other items properly while inspecting passenger identification cards and government documentation, in order to make sure luggage is properly stowed while presenting the correct information on tags. Properly labeling claim tickets insuring bags reach their proper destination. Documenting and filing any paperwork concerning lost items and or checked items that do not make it through transit.
Help clients, especially those with unique requests, by answering their inquiries and addressing their concerns. Ability and willingness to conform to our dress code and appearance requirements. Work alone and collaboratively to complete assigned tasks. Meet deadlines and adapt to unforeseen developments in a difficult and time-sensitive situation.

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