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With a passion for continuous learning, I bring adaptability, teamwork, and exceptional communication skills to the table. My background in problem-solving and troubleshooting allows me to offer valuable insights to drive company success.

My work experience includes serving as a Barista at Starbucks, where I interacted with over 100 customers daily while maintaining high-quality customer service. Additionally, my tenure as a Manager at Cost Cutters allowed me to leverage data-driven insights to optimize staff allocation, resulting in increased profits and recognition for achieving the highest sales in the district.

I have engaged in impactful data analysis projects, such as my SQL Data Exploration Project where I cleaned and analyzed a COVID statistics dataset, and my Data Analytics Capstone Project with Cyclistic. In the capstone, I seamlessly imported and prepared complex datasets, performed in-depth analysis, and conveyed meaningful insights through visualizations using Tableau.

My unique combination of technical expertise, leadership, and problem-solving abilities positions me to contribute effectively to any data-driven projects and initiatives. I am excited to leverage my skills to provide valuable insights and support a company’s growth and success.


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