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My name is Oliver Nkuku and I am a recent graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree of Science with a Biology major and Chemistry minor with an outstanding work ethic, outgoing personality, and quite the charming mouthpiece on myself. I tend to reel others in with given the fact that I have a unique appearance (I am an African American with albinism so you can imagine the questions I’ve endured) and have no issue answering all types of questions. From anyone I’ve worked with in the past, I’ve been sought out as and adaptable, friendly individual with impressive communication skills that will attract just about anything down to a fish if permitted! I sincerely enjoyed my recent former role as a Patient Care Technician for PAM Health which allowed me to actively empathize with our patients; as most were over the age of 60 and wanted to engage in conversation and ultimately someone who would listen. I truly enjoyed problem solving in a medical setting as any issue that would arise needed to be handled effective immediately and under calm conditions. Upon my final days as a Patient Care Technician, my coworkers and the CEO of the company genuinely thanked me for my selfless work at the facility for exemplifying what it means to provide a helping hand and kind and considerate ears.

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Aug 2019/May 2023 Bachelor's Degree in Biology @ Texas State University


Aug 2023 IT Technician @ Vivacity Tech

 Provided timely and effective technical support to end-users, troubleshooting hardware, software, and network issues
 Managed and monitored network infrastructure and including routers, Chromebooks, electrical wiring, and connectivity
 Installed, configured and maintained hardware components and software applications across organization
 Ensured IT practices aligned with company policies, diagnosed and resolves complex technical issues related to hardware and software

Jan. 2022/July 2023 Patient Care Technician @ PAM Health

● Monitored vital signs over 12-hour periods
● Assisted physician with patient-related tasks
● Collaborated to ensure the accuracy of clinical documentation of patient information
● Demonstrated knowledge of Compliance and Quality Control: adhere to regulatory guidelines and Good Clinical Practice principles
● Proficiently managed Electronic Medical Records for patient data

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