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Results-driven professional with a diverse background in financial technology implementation, financial crimes analysis, trust operations, and patient services in healthcare. Acquired solid knowledge of IT and fintech ai solution infrastructure while directing all aspects of IT strategic business planning and development. Currently balancing two different job title positions. Seeking a challenging role where I can leverage my technical expertise, analytical skills, and attention to detail to contribute and drive operational efficiency, compliance, and client satisfaction.


2011-2016 Information Technology @ North Carolina A &T
10/23 Cyber Security @ Western Governors University


08/22 Implementation Analyst @ DataSeers

Orchestrated and led the Agile implementation of customized software systems for clients in the financial industry, ensuring seamless integration and delivery. Developed and executed comprehensive Agile project plans, fostering collaboration, prioritization, and iterative development to meet client needs.
• Actively engaged with stakeholders to understand their needs, facilitated effective communication, and enabled iterative development to deliver high-quality, client-centric solutions.
• Created and maintained Agile artifacts, such as user stories, WBS, and product increments, to ensure transparency, alignment, and delivery of project milestones. Leveraged Agile practices to facilitate effective sprint planning, daily stand-ups, and sprint reviews, driving continuous improvement and on-time delivery.
• Collaborated with cross functional teams to establish Agile dashboards and data visualizations, enabling real-time tracking of project progress, risks, and impediments. Proactively identified and addressed impediments, facilitated adaptive problem-solving, and created dashboards to generate multiple reports.

08/22 Financial Crimes Analyst @ DataSeers

Proactively detected and investigated various types of financial crimes, including fraud, money laundering, and identity theft. Developed comprehensive analytical strategies and utilized advanced tools and techniques to identify suspicious activities and mitigate potential risks. Leveraged Agile principles and frameworks to guide the team in identifying and implementing effective strategies, resulting in improved security measures, and reduced financial risks.

• Collaborated with cross-functional teams, such as implementation, engineering, and product, to gather relevant information and support ongoing investigations. Shared critical insights, findings, and recommended actions to ensure effective risk mitigation and successful case resolutions.

• Played a key role in enhancing fraud detection and prevention measures by identifying gaps in existing processes and implementing new systems and procedures. Contributed to the development of robust fraud prevention strategies, resulting in a 25% improvement on filtering alerts. Leveraged Agile tools and techniques to visualize and track fraud-related metrics, enabling the team to take timely actions and adapt to emerging trends effectively.

• Generated detailed reports and documentation summarizing investigative findings and recommendations, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, and supporting legal proceedings. Effectively communicated complex information to stakeholders, including management, clients, and regulatory authorities for customer complaints such as BBB, FDIC, and Attorney Generals, leading to informed decision-making and successful outcomes

05/18-12/21 Trust Operations @ Old North State Trust

Demonstrated exceptional leadership skills by efficiently managing and overseeing daily trust operations, including wire transfers, ACH transactions, check processing, and investment securities. Ensured accurate and timely execution of financial transactions, resulting in seamless and continuous improvement operations and enhanced client satisfaction.

• Led initiatives to streamline processes and improve efficiency within trust operations, leveraging technology and automation tools to reduce processing times and minimize errors. Implemented best practices and standardized procedures, resulting in a significant increase in productivity and cost savings.

• Proactively collaborated with cross-functional teams, including investment, trust officers, and client services, to ensure seamless coordination and communication in handling complex trust-related issues and client requests. Acted as a trusted advisor and servant leader, providing expert guidance, and resolving challenges promptly, while fostering a collaborative and empowered team environment, leading to high client satisfaction and retention.

• Generated comprehensive reports and statements, including fee reports, OFAC, tax documents, and client account summaries. Developed and maintained accurate financial records, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, and facilitating smooth audits.

10/17-05/18 Accounts Receivable Specialist @ LabCorp

Coordinated with departments to address and resolve queries related to accounts receivable-related issues.
• Possessed advanced knowledge of account reconciliations and audit practices through well-rounded analytical and excellent attention to detail skills.
• Served effectively for a multitude of specially assigned projects with other team members.
• Adopted best practices to maintain positive monthly departmental goals.

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