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Experienced Talent Acquisition Manager with a proven track record of over 7 years in driving successful full-cycle recruitment efforts. As a dedicated professional, I excel at identifying top-tier talent in diverse scenarios and implementing efficient hiring strategies that lead to the acquisition of qualified candidates for sustainable business growth.

My expertise encompasses a range of skills crucial to talent acquisition project management, including a keen attention to detail, proficiency in Workday Applicant Tracking Systems and VMS, and adept time management capabilities. My negotiation skills, coupled with proficiency in Microsoft Word and various computer applications, contribute to seamless recruitment operations. I thrive in independent work settings while fostering strong interpersonal connections and networks to ensure optimal candidate sourcing.

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2019-2020 Master of Science, Management (Concentration in Human Resources Management) @ ECPI University
2016-2019 Bachelor of Science, Business Administration (Concentration in Accounting) @ ECPI University


03/2023-08/2023 Talent Acquisition Specialist @ National Express LLC,

Screened an average of 100 number of resumes per day, ensuring the hiring team’s timely access to
qualified candidates.
 Improved the efficiency of resume screening process by implementing a standardized evaluation criterion,
resulting in a 60% reduction in screening time.
 Implemented an applicant tracking system (ATS) to streamline the resume screening process, resulting in
a 40% reduction in manual effort and increased productivity.
 Consistently met or exceeded the target of screening X number of resumes per week, ensuring a steady
pipeline of qualified candidates for open positions

02/2022-07/2022 Talent RPO Consultant @ Cummins, Inc

Implemented an optimized Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that resulted in a 30% reduction in time-to-
fill metrics for critical roles at a diesel engine plant.
 Utilized the ATS to screen and process an average of 200 resumes per week, resulting in a 20% increase
in candidate quality and ensuring efficient candidate management.
 Generated detailed reports from ATS data and analytics, providing key recruitment metrics such as time-
to-fill, source effectiveness, and candidate conversion rates, enabling data-driven decision-making and
process improvements.
 Successfully trained and onboarded hiring managers and team members on the effective utilization of the
ATS, resulting in a 40% increase in their efficiency and active participation in the recruitment process.
 Implemented proactive sourcing strategies within the ATS, resulting in a 25% increase in the engagement
of passive candidates and expanding the talent pool for critical positions.
 Collaborated with cross-functional teams to align recruitment strategies with business objectives,
resulting in a 15% improvement in candidate retention and satisfaction rates

12/2020-12/2021 Head of Vendor Compliance @ QVC

Developed and implemented strategic HR initiatives, including talent acquisition, performance
management, employee engagement, and succession planning, resulting in increased organizational
 Collaborated with senior leaders to align HR strategies with business objectives, fostering a culture of
high performance and driving employee productivity.
 Led full-cycle recruitment efforts, utilizing ATS systems to source, screen, and select top-tier candidates,
resulting in a reduction of time-to-fill and increased quality of hires.
 Implemented and facilitated employee development programs, including training workshops and career
development initiatives, resulting in enhanced employee engagement and retention.
 Conducted comprehensive HR data analysis and provided insights to senior management, enabling data-
driven decision-making and initiative-taking HR strategies.
 Advised and coached managers on HR policies, procedures, and best practices, ensuring compliance with

04/2019-12/2020 Lead Talent Acquisition Manager @ QVC

Implemented a robust Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that improved compliance in the talent
acquisition process at QVC, resulting in a 30% reduction in non-compliance incidents.
 Utilized the ATS to manage a high volume of candidate applications, processing an average of 500
applications per week with 95% accuracy, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations, including equal
employment opportunity (EEO) guidelines.
 Generated comprehensive reports from the ATS data, providing key compliance metrics such as diversity
representation, background check completion rates, and adherence to data privacy regulations, resulting in
improved transparency and compliance monitoring.
 Developed and implemented ATS workflows and automated compliance checks, reducing manual errors
and ensuring adherence to legal and regulatory requirements throughout the talent acquisition lifecycle.
 Successfully trained talent acquisition teams and hiring managers on ATS compliance features, resulting
in a 40% increase in compliance knowledge and standardized recruitment practices.

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