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As a recent graduate from Virginia Tech with a bachelor’s degree in Human Development, I am eager to leverage my previous experience as a Program Assistant and my various leadership roles to make a meaningful transition into the field of Human Resources.
Throughout my academic journey, I have developed a strong foundation in Human Development, which has provided me with valuable insights into human behavior, learning processes, and interpersonal dynamics. My time as a Program and Teacher’s Assistant allowed me to apply these principles in an educational setting, where I facilitated student engagement and fostered an inclusive learning environment. Collaborating with educators and students alike, I honed my communication and problem-solving skills, becoming adept at resolving conflicts and promoting teamwork.
My involvement in my school’s community service club further enhanced my ability to lead and support a diverse group of individuals. Through this club, I acquired a deeper understanding of the importance of empathy, compassion, and effective communication when working with teams of varying backgrounds and perspectives. These experiences have instilled in me a genuine passion for helping others achieve their goals and thrive in their respective roles.
Transitioning my skills from my previous roles to a human resources position is a natural progression for me. I am eager to apply my knowledge of human development principles to HR practices, such as talent development, employee engagement, and fostering a positive work culture. I am confident that my ability to understand individual needs and motivations will enable me to excel in recruitment, onboarding, and employee relations activities.

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2019-2023 Bachelor's of Arts in Human Development @ Virginia Tech

Starting my undergrad education at Virginia Tech I began as a Political Science Major. During my third year and life circumstances, I had a change in passion and changed my major to Human Development with a minor in Leadership and Social Change. I finished my undergraduate degree August 11, 2023.


September 2023 Early Childhood Engagement Program Assistant @ Eastern Virginia Medical School

● Work alongside community partners in the development, implementation, evaluation, and reporting results of required activities of the VQB5 program
● Provide resources and support to the VQB5 within the geographic region
● Provide technical assistance to programs participating in the VQB5 & Link B5 Data Collection Portal

Although I have accepted the job, I am still actively looking for jobs that would align more towards my career goals. I would like to move away from education and focus on the corporate or private sector of the work force.

January 2023-May 2023 Student Teaching Assistant @ Harding Avenue Elementary School

● Assisted lead teacher in lesson planning, curriculum development, and assessments for 15+ students
● Maintained an inclusive, safe environment for students through accessible activities and supervision
● Tailored instruction to meet the needs of each student providing accommodations when needed
● Attended parent-teacher conferences and provided input on student’s educational goals and progress

June 2022-December 2022 Teaching Assistant @ Salem Montessori School

● Upheld the Montessori framework and facilitated small group instruction with 30+ students
● Assisted lead teachers in supervising students, organizing lesson plans, and participating in events
● Maintained communication with the lead teacher and offered input on the students’ progress

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