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With foundational knowledge in data analytics from comprehensive programs, I have familiarized myself with tools like Excel, Power BI, and Tableau, preparing me to transform raw data into insightful visual narratives. Complementing this is my experience in customer success and support, which enables me to align data-driven insights with customer needs, ensuring effective communication and a client-centric approach.


May 2023 Data Analytics Certificate @ Masterschool

During my time in the master’s program for data analytics, I laid a robust foundation in several key areas essential for data interpretation and insight generation. My studies began with the basics of descriptive statistics, which set the groundwork for my subsequent explorations. Harnessing the power of spreadsheets, I delved into fundamental analytics techniques tailored for business contexts. My foundational understanding was further enriched with SQL, allowing me to query and interact with databases. Grasping the rudiments of probability, I was introduced to the conceptual basics behind A/B testing. An important aspect of my foundational journey was the emphasis on data storytelling and the art of conveying complex data narratives simply. I familiarized myself with Tableau, focusing on introductory data visualization techniques, and built a basic yet solid grasp of Python for future data processing tasks. The capstone project encapsulated this foundational journey, prompting me to apply my burgeoning skills in a more integrative manner.

Feb 2023 Data Analytics Certificate @ With You With Me

I acquired foundational skills in data analysis, visualization, and engineering. I honed my expertise using tools like Excel, Power BI, and Tableau to transform raw data into actionable insights, craft compelling visual narratives, and make data-driven decisions. My exposure also covered SQL’s essential applications in data analysis and the basics of data engineering, including database management and data structuring. This foundational learning has equipped me to address real-world data challenges effectively.

June 2008 Chemical Laboratory Technology @ Seneca College


Feb 2022 Customer Success Virtual Assistant @ Self Employed

Efficiently manage a wide range of administrative and technical tasks, supporting clients and their virtual assistants.

Handle tickets related to subscription packages, ensuring timely and appropriate responses and resolutions.

Perform regular health checks of client accounts, proactively identifying and resolving any issues.
Maintain open lines of communication, routinely checking in on clients and their virtual assistants to ensure optimal service delivery.

Utilize Google Sheets to collect, analyze, and report data, maintaining a high standard of accuracy and attention to detail.

Provide a variety of administrative services to clients, including but not limited to, schedule management, email correspondence, and data entry.

Work remotely, demonstrating self-discipline, time management, and the ability to adapt to changing priorities.

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