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I Have 3 years of experience in Sales and Customer Service. I am a people person and do my best to service everyone’s needs. I am a new grad looking to break into the work force and grow within a company long term.


2019-2023 BA in Political Science @ Wilfrid Laurier University


05/2021 - Present Customer Service Representative Shift Lead @ Less Mess Enviro Bag

● Managed a database of over 1000 daily customer transactions and handled personal information.
● Performed sales and generated thousands in profit.
● Fulfilled orders through our affiliate partners Costco, Amazon and Walmart.
● Answered all customer questions and provided guidance to other customer service reps with
any problems they had.

07/2021 - 08/2021 Junior Customer Service Representative @ Draglam Salt

● Handled a call list of 1331 companies to acquire sales information regarding winter salt.
● Made 100 calls a day to persuade companies to buy from Draglam.
● Worked closely with sales reps and used the information I’ve gathered to close sales.
● Maintained and created new relationships with different companies.

07/2022 - Present Bookkeeper @ Shimmerman Penn LLP

● Reconciled and recorded bank transactions for companies in an organized manner.
● Used Quickbooks and Microsoft Excel to finish my tasks.
● Managed and categorized over a hundred weekly transactions, accumulating to over $100,000

05/2018 - 07/2018 Administration and Tax Preparation Support, @ Shimmerman Penn LLP

● Helped the firm move to another location by adequately storing all physical client files in their online cloud.
● Scan and filed over a hundred tax receipts a day for major clients.

11/2020 - 07/2021 VP of Operations @ Lockdown Apparel - Waterloo

● My friends and I started our own clothing company during the Covid-19 pandemic.
● Used the “Personal Selling” method and collectively generated up to $2000 in profit.
● Made sure exec members were meeting deadlines and scheduled weekly team meetings.

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