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My name is jodemi,
I am from Brazil and live in Aracaju.
I’m a Christian and graduated in Computer Network.
I have 10 years or more in IT and around 5 years working with Cloud providers.

I´ve got expertise not only in some services in DataCenter but also some Applications in AWS and Azure Clouds.

In my journey, I work with several applications in Terraform, Terragrunt and Ansible Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC) and some providers code as AWS Cloudformation.

Talking about my day, I have experience working remotely. In the past, I worked at the university with some teachers where I improved my ability in sharing the know-how.


02/2017 Computer Network @ Universidade Tiradentes


2022 Cloud Architect @ Claro Brasil

– Cloudfront – CDN com politicas de redirect, cache e certificado apontando para Publicação no
Data center do cliente.
– WAF e Cloudwatch – Waf AWS com diversas regras managed, Logs e metricas criadas para o
Cloudwatch com dashboards.
Projeto Ecommerce – Site para compras de serviços
– Cloudfront com origin para conteudo estatico (S3) e conteudo dinamico (ALB do Fargate)
Projeto CQRS – Fila compartilhada como serviço para varios setores
– Direct Connect, Transit Gateway, AWS MQTT, AWS MSK, EKS, VPC endpoint
Projeto Escola X
– Arquitetura do Limonade em EKS com volumes do kubernetes em EFS
– Banco de dados RDS Mysql e Redis

2021 Devops @ Claro Brasil

Pipeline Azure Devops
– Pipeline que executa init, plan e apply do terraform na AWS de diversos recursos , API
Gateway, ALB Privado e Fargate
Projeto NR
– EC2 com autoscalling
– Lambda execução programada via EventBridge
Projeto Landing Zone
– Control Tower , SSO, Organization, AD Conector
– Security Hub, Guardduty, IAM Analyzer
– Log Center

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