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The core of my professional journey revolves around my role as a Full Stack Developer at the Royal Bank of Canada. With a tenure starting in August 2022, I have been instrumental in developing a sophisticated application that seamlessly transfers files from users’ local storage to AWS S3 Bucket and Snowflake. My responsibilities extended to designing and implementing a robust service layer, ensuring secure access requests and approvals for critical data movement to the cloud. Proficiency in Postgres and SQL has empowered me to excel in database management, from optimizing data retrieval using psycopg2 to schema design and performance tuning. My contribution also encompasses the creation of a dynamic React website that boasts intuitive UI, employing modern JavaScript frameworks and integrated RESTful APIs. Collaborating across multifunctional teams and demonstrating expertise in Docker, Airflow, Kubernetes, and boto3 has been pivotal in automating workflows and managing AWS infrastructure. My experience showcases a deep understanding of complex technologies, an aptitude for collaborative development, and a track record of implementing innovative solutions within a high-stakes environment.

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Start : September 2019 Ends: April 2024 Bsc. Computer Science @ Toronto Metropolitan University


Start: September 2022 End: September 2023 Full Stack Developer @ Royal Bank of Canada

• Developed an application to move a file from the users local storage to an AWS S3 Bucket and Snowflake using
multiple CI/CD pipelines
• Designed and implemented a secure service layer to manage access requests and approvals, providing users with
secure access to critical data and facilitating authorization of the data movement to the cloud.
• Acquired expertise in Postgres and SQL for relational database management, leveraging psycopg2 for optimized
data retrieval and manipulation, performance tuning, and schema design
• Developed a React website with intuitive UI, leveraging modern JavaScript frameworks for enhanced functionality.
Collaborated with designers for polished components and integrated RESTful APIs for dynamic data.
• Integrated RESTful APIs to fetch and display dynamic data on the website, enhancing its functionality and
• Collaborated closely with multiple teams, including a dedicated tester team, to ensure seamless integration and
functionality while developing the application
• Knowledgeable with Docker, with experience in creating and managing containers for application deployment.
• Strong understanding of Airflow, Kubernetes, and boto3, utilizing them to automate workflows and manage AWS
infrastructure and services.

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