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With over 9 years of marketing leadership experience, I specialize in strategic content creation and trend-focused marketing, consistently achieving goals through high-energy team leadership. Proficient in result analysis, strategy iteration, and fostering growth, I possess a deep understanding of social media and influencer dynamics, translating into a track record of driving sales growth, securing philanthropic funding, and elevating brand awareness. My skills extend to crafting tailored technical assistance programs and executing successful fundraising campaigns. I excel in managing dynamic social media and email marketing efforts for effective audience engagement. I am a creative, results-driven leader adept at building and nurturing communities, making me a valuable asset in achieving your goals.

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08/06-05/11 Bachelor of Arts @ Temple University

BA in Mass Communications and Mass Media


12/17-Current Programming & Marketing Manager @ Entrepreneur Works

Spearheaded the development of 30+ customized technical assistance programs, harmonizing marketing content with business development needs.

Led the strategic planning and execution of brand campaigns, resulting in the distribution of $320,000 in small business support loans and $1.7 million in grants through government and banking collaborations.

Demonstrated expertise in formulating comprehensive brand strategies to effectively communicate the organization’s mission to donors, partners, and clients.

Proficiently crafted captivating brand messaging that deeply resonates with target audiences.

Produced compelling content highlighting the organization’s mission, client achievements, and program outcomes.

Identified and optimized marketing channels and target segments to align with inbound content marketing objectives

06/20-06/21 Lead Organizer @ Buy It Back Black!

Skillfully orchestrated the mobilization of a thriving 20,000-member community, employing strategic social media engagement tactics to foster meaningful connections

Achieved remarkable fundraising success, securing $25,000, including an impressive $10,000 within just 5 days, through the recruitment of over 500 community donors

Cultivated impactful partnerships with external agencies, innovative collaborators, and influencers, reinforcing brand campaigns and initiatives with collective strength

Demonstrated adept management of content creation, donor correspondence, social interactions, and in-depth fundraising analytics

Pioneered innovative, mission-aligned fundraising strategies while cultivating a dynamic marketing culture

08/16-09/17 Community Liaison @ World Communications Charter School

Strategically designed virtual parent engagement events

Formulated intervention plans to support over 100 at-risk truant students, emphasizing a proactive approach to education.

Provided support to “at-risk” students by monitoring their progress and identifying intervention services

10/12-7/15 Program Associate @ Junior Music Executives

Developed effective program communication strategies.

Contributed to intern curriculum development.

Executed successful after-school recruitment events.

Managed communication among school, students, families, and the organization.

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