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I recently graduated from Rutgers School of Engineering with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Engineering, accompanied by a minor in Business Administration. Throughout my undergraduate studies, I focused primarily on software engineering, successfully completing a comprehensive set of courses such as Programming Methodology and Software Engineering. These courses provided me with hands-on experience in implementing recursive, sorting, and searching algorithms in Java and C++, as well as working with intricate data structures like hash-maps and linked lists. To further expand my technical proficiency, I pursued an internship opportunity at Notarize, a leading online notarization company. During this valuable experience, I utilized the Postman application to meticulously test over 50 Web API Endpoints, gaining insights into the user interface (UI) for signer flows in diverse business and real estate transactions. Moreover, my subsequent cooperative education (co-op) at Motorola Solutions was within the cloud infrastructure team, where I actively contributed to the development, implementation, and deployment of four extensive projects. This experience involved engaging in back-end development, front-end development using a React framework, and data fetching from Restful APIs. With my newly acquired knowledge and skills, I am now actively seeking entry-level software roles which will enable me to apply my expertise within a professional environment.

Professional area


September 2021 to May 2023 Graduated @ Rutgers University - New Brunswick

B.S in Computer Engineering
Minor in Business Administration


July 2022 to January 2023 Software Engineering Co-Op @ Motorola Solutions

– Supported design and implementation of the continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline across 5 public cloud regions
– Provisioned enhancements for the development and operation of different common platform services to be leveraged by SaaS solutions
– Monitored and updated various platform and infrastructure services, as well as metrics collection and reporting related to them
– Utilized cutting-edge technologies for container orchestration and database management to ensure overall reliability and security of services and runtime environments

June 2021 to September 2021 Solutions Engineering Intern @ Notarize

– Collaborated with Customer Success and relationship managers to onboard new clients, providing account setup, technical training, and user management support
– Assisted in handling technical escalations arising from technical and customer support, gaining exposure to various client accounts and contributing to 50% faster resolution of reported issues
– Conducted comprehensive testing of EasyLinks, Business, and Real Estate API endpoints using full access keys on Postman, ensuring 100% endpoint functionality and identifying critical bugs for immediate resolution
– Worked closely with software engineers to troubleshoot and resolve internal integration issues, resulting in improvement of integration stability

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