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I am an experienced customer service professional with over 1 year of experience as a Customer Service Representative. During this time, I developed strong communication and problem-solving skills, ensuring customer satisfaction through effective issue resolution.

I further advanced my expertise by becoming a Subject Matter Expert, dedicating 5 months to deepening my knowledge of the products/services I supported. In this role, I not only provided advanced assistance to customers but also contributed to team training and mentoring.

Additionally, I graduated with honors, cum laude, in Entrepreneurship, showcasing my commitment to learning, critical thinking, and business principles. This academic achievement complements my practical experience, enabling me to approach customer service with a well-rounded perspective.

Overall, I bring a wealth of experience, expertise as a Subject Matter Expert, and a solid educational background to any professional challenge, ensuring a holistic and effective approach to customer service and problem-solving.

Professional area


2018-2022 entrepreneurship @ Quezon city University

Entrepreneurship refers to the dynamic process of identifying, creating, and pursuing opportunities to develop innovative solutions, products, or services. It involves a combination of creativity, risk-taking, and strategic planning to establish and manage a new venture or to drive growth within an existing business. Entrepreneurs leverage their vision, leadership, and resourcefulness to navigate challenges and capitalize on market trends, ultimately aiming to achieve profitability and sustainable success.


February - march customer service representative @ iqor

They engage with customers through multiple communication channels, assisting with inquiries, product information, and order-related matters. Swift issue resolution is a priority, as they address concerns like order discrepancies and returns while maintaining a strong focus on customer satisfaction. These representatives possess in-depth knowledge of the company’s products, enabling them to provide accurate guidance to customers. From processing orders efficiently to collaborating with different departments and documenting interactions, their role involves effective communication and problem-solving. Additionally, they have the opportunity to contribute to revenue growth through upselling and cross-selling. By gathering and relaying customer feedback, they play a crucial role in improving products and enhancing the overall customer experience.

march - july subject matter expert @ iqor

A Subject Matter Expert (SME) holds a specialized role that involves in-depth knowledge and proficiency in a particular area. They are responsible for providing advanced guidance and support to both colleagues and customers. Drawing from their comprehensive understanding, SMEs offer solutions to complex issues and contribute to the continuous improvement of products or services. They play a pivotal role in training and mentoring new team members, sharing their expertise to enhance overall team performance. Collaborating closely with various departments, SMEs offer insights and recommendations, aiding in the development of innovative strategies and solutions. Their role extends to staying updated on industry trends and best practices, ensuring the organization remains at the forefront of their field. Overall, SMEs are essential contributors, leveraging their specialized knowledge to drive excellence and innovation within the organization.

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