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Aspiring Virtual Assistant | Eager to Learn and Support

πŸ“š Proactive Learner | πŸ’Ό Administrative Support | πŸ’¬ Effective Communication

Welcome to my LinkedIn profile! I am an enthusiastic beginner in the field of virtual assistance, eager to learn and provide valuable support to professionals. With a strong desire to grow and develop in this role, I am committed to delivering efficient administrative assistance and fostering effective communication in a virtual work setting.

πŸ“š Proactive Learner: As a beginner, I have a deep thirst for knowledge and a strong willingness to learn. I am dedicated to expanding my skill set and staying up-to-date with the latest tools, techniques, and best practices in virtual assistance. I embrace challenges and seek opportunities to enhance my abilities as a virtual assistant.

πŸ’Ό Administrative Support: Although I am a beginner, I possess a foundation in administrative support tasks. I am proficient in managing emails, data entry, organizing files, and conducting research. I am committed to refining these skills and continuously improving my ability to streamline operations and assist professionals in their day-to-day tasks.

πŸ’¬ Effective Communication: Clear and timely communication is essential in the virtual assistant role. I am focused on developing excellent written and verbal communication skills to ensure seamless interaction with clients, colleagues, and stakeholders. I understand the importance of maintaining professionalism and keeping lines of communication open and efficient.

🌟 Passion for Growth: As a beginner in virtual assistance, I approach this field with enthusiasm and a growth mindset. I am determined to embrace challenges, seek feedback, and continuously improve my performance. I am driven by the opportunity to contribute to the success of professionals and provide valuable support in their virtual work environments.

If you are seeking a dedicated and enthusiastic beginner in virtual assistance, eager to learn and support you in your professional endeavors, let’s connect! Together, we can navigate the virtual realm and achieve success through effective collaboration and support.


June 2013 - April 2017 Teacher @ Philippine Normal University

Appointed as the Secretary of the Physical Education Majors Society, the recognized body for pre-service educators specializing in Physical Education.

Orchestrated collaborative initiatives between our institution and other esteemed universities, fostering valuable connections.

Led the execution of comprehensive sports events at the university level, catering to both students and esteemed faculty members.

Oversaw and managed the organization of inter-university sports tournaments, ensuring the seamless implementation of intramural events.

Participated in diverse dance presentations, showcasing mastery in both international and local folk dance forms.

Formerly contributed as an integral member of the institution’s choir, embodying a commitment to artistic and creative endeavors.


July 2017 - Present Faculty @ St. Scholastica's College

Overseeing the Art, Physical, and Health Education subjects for Junior and Senior High School levels.

Developing comprehensive curriculum plans that effectively guide classroom instructions and activities.

Contributed an article to the Journal of Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance.

Conceptualizing and coordinating webinars/E-Sports events to alleviate students’ academic stress.

Delivered a comprehensive training on Google Workspace applications to faculty members, facilitating a smooth transition from in-person to online teaching.

Implemented an automated feedback system for students’ responses, ensuring transparent communication with parents and garnering positive feedback.

Serving as the Chair of the Special Services Committee within the Faculty Association, responsible for orchestrating celebratory events.

Chaired the Education, Research, and Publication Committee within the Faculty Association, leading the revision of the Constitution and By-Laws to align with current needs.

Actively volunteered for Community Affairs, organizing outreach programs in partnership with various communities across the country during times of calamity.

June 2018 - Present Sports Moderator @ St. Scholastica's College

Responsible for overseeing administrative operations and coordinating the requirements of various sports, including Volleyball, Badminton, Taekwondo, and Table Tennis, with the school’s senior administrators.

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