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Hi I’m Sharon! I recently moved to the beautiful country that is The Netherlands. It was a spontaneous decision in order to challenge myself, grow outside of my comfort zone, & be closer to a loved one.

I’ve enjoyed challenges and facing my fears since I was a little girl. I remember learning to ride a bike & I kept falling but getting up because I didn’t want to throw in the towel. I wanted to master bike riding no matter how many scratches, bumps, & bruises I got because I knew the ability of riding a bike was worth it. Fast forward to college, I chose a career that is very challenging: ACCOUNTING! There were endless nights of studying. I wanted to give up & do something easier but I didn’t want to give up until I mastered it because I remembered what it felt like when I mastered bike riding & that’s how I wanted to feel once I dominated accounting. I graduated in 2015 from San Diego State University with my Accounting & English degree. It was such an amazing feeling that I will never forget!

I entered the workforce straight away because I was very eager to put my knowledge to the test. I worked as an accounting assistant, tax preparer, and office manager for the next 6 years. Then one day I realized I was ready for my next challenge: starting my own business! I left finance & entered the beauty industry! I’m a girly girl at heart so starting a beauty business was very fun & fulfilling. I wore multiple hats while growing my business: assistant, marketing manager, tax preparer, accountant, customer service rep, & more. Running my own business taught me so much about myself. I learned to be resilient, creative, & I also learned that I love marketing!

In the middle of running my business & traveling….I met someone! I was not expecting to fall in love especially while on vacation! After many months of long distance, we both decided that it would be a great idea for me to move to the Netherlands, where he is from. I was really scared at first because I would be leaving my friends, family, & business but then I remembered that I grow when I challenge myself & step outside my comfort zone. I took a leap of faith & moved across the world to be closer to my partner. It was the best decision because we are growing closer together, experiencing a new culture, learning a new language, making new friends, & I’m also growing as a person.

I’m excited to begin a new chapter where I can plant roots, start my career in Marketing, & create memories with loved ones. Every choice I’ve made has led me to where I am today & for that I am eternally grateful!!!

Professional area


2009-2015 Bachelor @ San Diego State University

Business Administration with an Emphasis in Accounting


2022-2022 Owner/Marketing Manager @ Beauty Lab 54

Managed the content strategy, planning, and creation of Beauty Lab 54’s branded content across 3 social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok.
Grew Beauty Lab’s socials to 885 total followers across 3 platforms in 12 months.
Developed and executed engaging, beauty-focused email marketing campaigns to core target audience.
Consistently crafted eye-catching email copy that resulted in an average email open rate of 32%.

8/2015-12/2021 Tax Preparer @ Ramirez & Associates

Prepared tax returns for 100+ clients resulting in over $35,000 in revenue for a single tax season.
Proficient in defusing angered clients by taking control of the situation to end in a satisfied client experience which led to client retention by more than 85%.
Completed over 100 returns by the April 15th tax deadline.
Assisted and consulted clients on tax laws by making it easy to understand while ensuring maximum client benefits resulting in 100% client satisfaction.
Managed clients’ files and reports using the relevant software while ensuring confidentiality of client information.

8/2015-12/2021 Executive Administrator/Bookkeeper @ Ramirez & Associates

Trained three colleagues in company procedures, using hands-on instruction and roleplaying techniques.
Assisted CEO with the following: delivered reminders as needed; arranged meetings and appointments for; maintained a master corporate calendar of all conferences, all-hands events, holidays, and vacations
Adeptly handled administrative matters including composing documents and organizing office for company efficiency.
Screened 25+ phone calls a day, resolving issues and delegating calls to the appropriate departments and CEO.
Improved record keeping system from manual to computer based in order to save office space and provide reduced data retrieval time by over 50%.
Highly accurate data entry skills with 99% accuracy, entering 12 months of bookkeeping in 5 days.

8/2015-12/2021 Accounting Assistant @ Ramirez & Associates

Assisted Accountant and CEO with the following: Organized records of financial statements by establishing accounts and posting transactions and balanced general ledger by preparing a trial balance and reconciling entries.
Spearheaded financial reporting projects. Example: completed 12 months of bookkeeping in 5 days.
Communicated with clients on a daily basis and ensured excellent customer service.
Maintained 100% accuracy of the clients’ financial reporting for the past 6 years.

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