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I am a highly motivated and energetic individual with a strong passion for both my professional and personal pursuits. Alongside my dedication to work, I am an avid sports enthusiast and particularly enjoy activities in the outdoors. As a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitor, I have achieved notable success, including being crowned the 3rd IBJJF World Master champion in 2022. I am also actively involved in volunteering, teaching children and women self-defense techniques and empowering them through martial arts & a healthy life.
One of my key strengths is my natural leadership ability, which has been recognized in various contexts. I excel in social settings and possess excellent interpersonal skills, enabling me to foster positive relationships with individuals from diverse backgrounds. My creative mindset and organizational prowess contribute to my effectiveness in managing projects and achieving desired outcomes.
In recent years, I have developed a keen interest in technology, innovation, and the digital world. This curiosity has driven me to continuously expand my knowledge through ongoing studies. I am determined to leverage these newfound skills and insights to propel my professional growth and make meaningful contributions to the ever-evolving landscape of this captivating ecosystem.
Overall, I am a dedicated, adaptable, and sociable professional who combines a relentless drive for success with a genuine passion for personal and technological advancement.


2007/2013 Industrial Engineer @ Universidad de La Serena
2021/2021 Digital commerce @ Ecommerce Institute

Modules taught:
Marketing Digital commerce | Platforms and business models | Logistics, operation and means of payment | Retail eCommerce and digital transformation | Business models to optimize value chain | Brick&Clicks

2023/2023 Scaling business @ Wharton Business School

This program focuses on:
-Identify the characteristics of unicorn organizations.
-Design a well-structured business experiment.
-Analyze the resources and limitations of the organization to scale the technology.
-Examine the processes and structure of a growing organization.
-Examine an organization’s effective frameworks and metrics to see if it is ready to scale.
-Assess the cultural and personnel needs of an organization.

2023/2023 Finance and P&L @ Ecommerce Institute
2023/2024 Master Business and Administration @ EADA Business School

MBA in digital enterprises


2021/2023 Sr Project Manager Innovation @ Walmart
2022/2023 Adviser & Match Community Leader @ PetFamily
2021/2021 Customer Success Manager @ Mallplaza Falabella
2019/2021 Sr. Account Manager @ Adevinta
2018/2019 Business Manager Chile @ 4 Life Research

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