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A versatile professional with a decade of experience in multimedia production and video editing, offering a unique blend of creative skills, technical proficiency, and a commitment to excellence. Seeking to transition into a Sales Development Representative role to leverage my expertise in crafting compelling messages, fostering client relationships, and implementing innovative strategies for audience engagement. Adept at adapting to new technologies and processes while maintaining a strong focus on communication, collaboration, and continuous learning.

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2002/2006 Bachelors of Communications @ Washington State University


2010/Present Owner/Content Producer/Editor @ Magical Touch Media

Directed and Produced 200+ Videos, Driving Remarkable Outcomes:
Directed and edited a series of documentary-style videos profiling company culture, which played a role in attracting a notable increase in job applications and contributing to enhanced employee retention.
Created a visually appealing montage video highlighting customer testimonials, resulting in a clear uptick in website conversions and generating additional sales inquiries
Crafted Multi-Platform Content for Enhanced Engagement:
Produced a series of short recipe demonstration videos for Instagram and Facebook, resulting in significantly higher levels of audience interaction and a noticeable increase in social media following over three months.
Designed visually appealing graphics and animations to complement product announcements on social media, leading to improved user engagement and increased website traffic.
Delivered Exceptional Visual Experiences through Advanced Tools:
Utilized Adobe After Effects to create engaging motion graphics in promotional videos, leading to longer view durations and improved viewer retention rates.
Transformed raw footage into a captivating cinematic trailer for an event, contributing to heightened event registrations and positive feedback from attendees.

Strengthened Partnerships and Unified Content Alignment:
Collaborated closely with a key client to customize video content to align with their specific brand voice, resulting in high levels of client satisfaction and extended contract relationships
Worked collaboratively with the design team to ensure consistent branding across videos and marketing materials, contributing to improved brand recognition and alignment.
Implemented Innovative Social Media Strategies for Impact:
Leveraged trending memes and challenges to create viral video content that increased sharing and interaction, contributing to noticeable growth in website traffic from social media platforms.
Introduced a series of “behind-the-scenes” videos on Instagram Stories, contributing to enhanced engagement and encouraging user-generated content submissions.
Empowered Collaborative Teams, Amplifying Outcomes:
Mentored junior video editors, providing guidance on advanced editing techniques that led to heightened editing efficiency and reduced project turnaround times.
Facilitated cross-functional brainstorming sessions to generate creative concepts, which resulted in an increased number of approved ideas and enhanced teamwork and morale.

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