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I am an experienced design professional proficient at delivering exceptional creative output within large organizations. As a former Marine Sergeant, I bring initiative and discipline to complex and high-pressure environments, empowering my team through mentorship, streamlined workflows, and thoughtful cross-functional partnership. My mission is to drive meaningful engagement by crafting visual experiences that inspire and inform.

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2011–2016 BFA in Graphic Design / Minor in Art History @ The College of Saint Rose


2012–2018 Light Armored Reconnaissance Scout @ United State Marine Corps

As a member of Echo Company, 4th Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, I performed combined arms reconnaissance and security missions in support of the Ground Combat Element of the Marine Air-Ground Task Force. Our mission was to conduct reconnaissance, security, and economy-of-force operations, while also limiting offensive or defensive operations that could exploit the unit’s readiness and effectiveness.

• Due to low retention rates, platoons were comprised of young Marines lacking discipline and domain knowledge. As a squad leader, I oversaw 20 Marines, their training, conduct, and welfare, along with managing $4 million worth of military assets. My dedication and performance led to a promotion to Sergeant, one year ahead of my peers.

• As a fireteam leader, I trained and developed Marines, implementing effective programs for skill development, goal alignment, communication, accountability, and high performance. My efforts led to consistent achievement of individual and team objectives, boosting productivity and morale. Recognized for my performance, I was promoted to the rank of Corporal and designated as a Noncommissioned Officer.

2016–2021 Designer @ The New York Times

As a member of T Brand Studio at The New York Times, I created award-winning multimedia branded stories spotlighting captivating individuals, remarkable places, and inspiring ideas of today.

• With deep cultural and audience insights, T Brand creates powerful, multidimensional stories. My role involved cross-functional collaboration to develop and execute multi-platform digital experiences like bespoke articles, videos, animations, podcasts, data visualizations, and newsroom partnerships. I managed 22 illustrators and handled 67 digital posts, 3 podcasts, 7 print executions, and 1 newsroom partnership, exceeding company benchmarks in all categories. Notably, my 3 campaigns for Sotheby’s Realty accumulated over 525,960 minutes (one year) in engagement time.

• To enhance T Brand’s core product, the Paid Post (or bespoke article), my team created an internal CMS, Paid Post Composer, for custom web page design and publication. Through testing and guidance, we improved its design tools and usability, saving tens of thousands in client production costs and optimized internal resources. This effort earned me The New York Times’ Publisher’s Award for excellence in technology, innovation, and business performance.

2021–2023 Visual Content Manager @ Meta

As a member of Meta’s Technology Communications team, my role involved driving the company’s innovation narrative to reach diverse audiences. I achieved this by creating high-impactful visuals and interactive content that educates journalists and tech experts about the company’s AI efforts. Furthermore, I emphasized transparency by ensuring our AI content was accessible to the vast user base of 3 billion people utilizing our services.

• I revamped Meta’s editorial creative strategy, improving accessibility and design to boost conversion rates. I was tasked with supervising design production, providing creative direction, and coordinating project requirements across multiple initiatives. As a result of my efforts, I successfully produced hundreds of captivating blog visuals, resulting in an outstanding 156% increase in page views within just one year.

• Unsatisfactory cross-functional partnerships resulted in duplicative work and inefficient use of resources. As the Visual Content Manager, I streamlined design workflows and established visual libraries to be used across numerous marketing and communications teams. This initiative led to new content formats reaching 18 million people across various media channels (executive social media, company blogs, external media outlets).

• Meta’s editorial team was using an outdated CMS tool that lacked visual components and published inaccessible content. I was designated creative lead among a dynamic group of editors, developers and producers to re-imagine our storytelling and the tools needed to create it. The initiative resulted in significant enhancement in blog interaction and accessibility, while saving tens of thousands of dollars in web development costs.

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