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I specialize in full-stack blockchain development and also am a cryptocurrency research analyst for a decentralized autonomous organization. I have experience building frontends and smart contracts for decentralized applications such as decentralized exchanges, multi-signature wallets, and collections of non-fungible tokens.

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8/2021 - 11/2021 Python, SQL, and DevOps Developer @ Nucamp Coding Bootcamp
9/2021 - 11/2021 Ethereum Blockchain Developement @ Consensys Academy
10/2021 - 12/2021 Blockchain Smart Contract Security @ Secureum Bootcamp
2/2023 - 4/2023 Solidity Smart Contract Development @ Encode Club Solidity Bootcamp
4/2023 - 5/2023 Solidity Smart Contract Development @ Encode Club Expert Solidity Bootcamp


11/2022 - Present Blockchain Developer @ Bricks Exchange

· Leads the frontend development of the protocol, utilizing Next.js, React Native for Web, and TailwindCSS to deliver engaging, visually compelling and user-friendly user interfaces.
· Collaborates with backend engineers, smart contract engineers, and security analysts to design, code, and test numerous blockchain applications.
· Performs research and learned new technologies needed to meet project requirements and specifications.
· Remains current on blockchain industry trends and best practices to develop effective, optimized smart contracts.

8/2022 - 3/2023 Chief Technology Officer @ Minting Melodies

· Spearheaded the development of smart contracts, landing pages, and internal infrastructures, enabling artists to create NFT collections of their music and receive royalties.
· Oversaw the development and deployment of blockchain infrastructures and applications, providing feedback on design plans, and strategizing platforms’ appearances and functioning.
· Established test automation pipelines and suites and assists with troubleshooting and supporting debugging and other issues as they arise.
· Utilized coding knowledge to contribute quality codes through testing, code reviews, and automation processes.
· Remained current in the IT, software engineering, and blockchain industry trends, developing a thorough understanding of existing and upcoming blockchain protocols and crypto assets to deploy smart contracts effectively.
· Conducted post-release and implementation testing, analyzing results and reporting bugs and errors to development teams.
· Partnered with project teams and engineers to develop best practice guides, knowledge bases, documentation for coders, user manuals, and other departmental resources.

7/2022 - 8/2022 Software Engineer @ Freelance (Staking App Project)

· Developed a decentralized staking application, allowing users to deposit and withdraw from the staking contract while earning interest.
· Performed full-stack engineering functions, including designing, coding, and testing in accordance with internal protocols and procedures.
· Researched and developed technical requirements, communicating with project stakeholders and other developers to ensure specifications were met within deadline parameters.
· Worked cross-functionally with technical experts and teams to create blockchain applications, including configuration, deployments, and integration of software components.
· Utilized various software languages and frameworks to develop applications and systems, including Solidity, Hardhat, and Scaffold-eth.
· Obtained first-hand knowledge of how products, tools, and software languages interact with each other and created and implemented smart contracts and supporting documentation according to project requirements.

7/2022 - 8/2022 Software Engineer @ Freelance (RSVP Decentralized App Project)

· Developed a decentralized RSVP application, allowing users to create and RSVP to events, implementing innovative solutions, and using various application development methods and tools to enhance the app’s capabilities and presentation.
· Interfaced with software developers and senior leadership to identify and analyze system requirements, including designing, debugging, and documentation.
· Performed research and learned new technologies needed to meet project requirements and specifications.
· Utilized various software tools and frameworks, including Solidity, Hardhat, Next.js, Tailwind, GraphQL, and Web3Storage.
· Remained current on industry trends, blockchain technology, and other technological advancements to implement new app development methods into the platform.
· Extracted data from various sources and utilized insight to drive innovative application development solutions in adherence to service level agreements and defined metrics.

5/2021 - 6/2021 Software Engineer @ Freelance (Decentralized Exchange Project)

· Led the designing and development of a decentralized order-book exchange that enabled users to trade a custom ERC-20 token for Ethereum.
· Developed a comprehensive understanding of the product and goals to effectively architect, design, develop, and operate services that effectively serve targeted users.
· Utilized Solidity, Truffle, React, and Bootstrap server architecture for scalability and reusability.

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