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I am a highly skilled Fund Accountant with four years of dedicated experience in the financial industry. Throughout my career, I have consistently demonstrated exceptional proficiency in various aspects of fund accounting.
Exceptional Team Collaboration and Leadership:

Strong teamwork and leadership skills have been central to my success as a Fund Accountant. I thrive in collaborative environments, fostering open communication and sharing knowledge with colleagues to achieve common goals.
I have experience leading cross-functional teams, providing guidance, and mentoring junior staff members. My leadership style emphasizes fostering professional growth and creating a positive work culture.
My ability to effectively communicate complex financial concepts to non-financial stakeholders has facilitated productive relationships with clients, resulting in improved client satisfaction and retention.

Professional area


2007-2011 High School Diploma @ Somerville High School
2019-2020 Investment Operation @ Year Up

• Completing a one-year, career-development program comprised of college-level courses (ACE accredited), professional training, and a six-month internship in Investment Operations
• Relevant coursework: Personal Finance, Business Writing I and II, Career Development Interpersonal Relations, and Financial Management


06/2019-01/2021 Inter Rep Fund/Client Acctn @ Bank Of New York Mellon

• Work independently, and as part of a team, to play a key role in the nightly fund pricing process.
• Perform daily accounting research to determine proper accounting for fund transactions.
• Investigate and resolve discrepancies in cash and securities balances between the fund accounting books and custodian records.
• Collaborated with internal and external stakeholders to gather and validate financial data, facilitating smooth communication and efficient execution of corporate actions.
• Utilized accounting software systems to accurately record and update clients’ holdings ensuring compliance with regulatory

12/2021 - 04/22 Fund Accountant @ Brown Brothers Harriman

• Investigate and resolve cash discrepancies on the ledger.
• Maintains procedures to ensure adherence to company policies to mitigate associated risk
• Prepared system-generated accounting reports consisting of multiple or advanced data sets and conducted general data validation to resolve intricate problems that may arise.
• Supporting various ad-hoc financial analyses and other projects

04/2022 - 12/2022 Financial Customer Associate @ Fidelity Investment

• Assisting 75+ clients daily with retirement accounts (401K, 403B, IRAs)
• Helping clients with account transactions, such as withdrawals, rollovers, and Minimum required distribution.

01/2023 - 04/2023 Fund Accountant @ Brown Brothers Harriman

• Support the due diligence process by preparing detailed financial and operational data for potential investors and auditors. Maintain accurate investor records, manage investor correspondence, and ensure adherence to confidentiality and data security protocols.
• Monitor trade lifecycle events, resolve trade discrepancies, and maintain detailed records of trades for auditing purposes.
• Conducted daily valuations of investment portfolios, accurately calculating the Net Asset Value (NAV) for various funds and clients.

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